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Spring on the York College campus

Faculty and Staff

As members of the faculty and staff here at York College, you are able to experience first hand how dedicated our students are to not only their education but their entire college experience. You are an integral part of their journey and we truly appreciate the value that you bring to the campus and the work that you do to ensure a transformational experience for past, current, and future generations of Spartans!  
This YCP Day of Giving, we are asking for your leadership by investing in yourselves and your fellow Spartans, and talking to your peers, students and alumni about what this community means to you. We hope you will help us continue the tradition of Spartans supporting Spartans by participating in the 2019 YCP Day of Giving during which we will work to have the largest ever single day of giving participation in YCP's history!
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Faculty and StaffFrequently Asked Questions

  • I work at York, why should I also donate to the College?

    Gifts to York College have a powerful effect on the college’s ability to remain a premier destination for students seeking an education that integrates career preparation with a strong foundation in the liberal arts.

    It is hard to ask the community to support York if we don’t believe in our work enough to invest in it ourselves. Corporations and foundations look for high levels of support from our faculty and staff when making funding decisions, as well. Therefore, your gift to the College could result in YCP receiving significantly more funding in the form of grants. Please note: York is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all gifts are tax-deductible.

  • Does my gift really make a difference?

    Yes! The more people who choose to give, the greater the collective impact will be. Faculty and staff giving has a direct impact on every student and helps YCP thrive.

    Support from faculty and staff members sends a powerful message to the broader community about our commitment to students and the mission of the College.

  • How is my gift going to benefit York College, my colleagues, and me?


    York has a rich history of philanthropy that has paved the way for capital improvements, new academic and research programs, and offerings that benefit the York community. As a staff or faculty member, you are a valued part of the YCP community, and when the College benefits, the community benefits. By creating opportunities for flexibility and innovation not often provided by other traditional funding mechanisms, philanthropy allows York to bridge gaps in scholarship and student-experience funding, provide seed funding for innovative research, and improve operations. As a result, YCP continues to be an attractive place to work and to teach—and when we continue to attract the best faculty and staff collaborators, we all benefit.


  • Where is the money going?

    Money given in an unrestricted fashion goes to the area of greatest need at YCP; generally, this means gifts are used to maintain existing programs on campus, as well as hire superb faculty and staff, provide updated technology, and grow the opportunities for student involvement. It has the highest impact on the most students and student programs!

    Money given in a restricted fashion can be given to directly support a single program or field of study on campus. These monies can also be given to support student scholarships and athletics through Spartan Advance.

  • Is this donation tax deductible?


    Yes! York College of Pennsylvania is a 501(c)(3) organization as determined by the Internal Revenue Service. Your gift may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. Please consult your tax advisor to determine whether your contribution is deductible.


  • How much of my money is actually donated to the College?

    100% of gifts given to YCP are donated to the College. No percentages are given to other sources.

    For each gift given to a specific sport, 25% of the gift goes to support the overall Spartan Advance, for items such as recovery tubs, fields, practice facilities, and recruitment. The other 75% goes to the donor’s choice of sport- the teams use these funds for uniforms, equipment, camps, travel & meals.

    All gifts given to the Spartan Advance without the designation of a particular sport go 100% to the general Spartan Advance Fund.


  • How can I support YCP Day of Giving beyond my gift to the College?


    As a faculty or staff member, you create some of the deepest bonds with students as they grow and develop into thoughtful and engaged citizens. You have the power to inspire and educate both students and alumni to participate in YCP Day of Giving and explain the importance of philanthropy towards the College.


    Throughout the day, you can help make an impact in how many gifts we receive, in ways as easy as talking to your classes about Day of Giving, posting on social media about why you love YCP, or emailing former students to encourage them to participate in YCP Day of Giving! 

    Quick posts/messages:

    • We love our #YCPfamily – thank you for your continuous generosity! #YCPGives
    • I just made a gift in support of York College students through the #YCPGives Challenge. You should too! Visit to make your gift.
    • Every gift, regardless of size, matters! #YCPGives
    • Can you help us hit the most number of donors in 24 hours? Every gift, regardless of size, matters! Support YCP with me! #YCPGIVES

    We encourage you to reflect on your career at YCP and the impact it’s made on your life – whether that be through the connections you’ve made with colleagues, students you’ve had the opportunity to work with, or research you’ve completed. Our donors love to hear YCP stories and why supporting YCP is important to you!

  • o How should I encourage students to participate in the YCP Day of Giving?

    All members of the YCP community are encouraged to give a participation gift of any size to the College to help reach our goal of most donors in 24 hours! Students are welcome to give gifts online or stop by the Student Union Lobby to give their gift in person. There will also be several other fun activities and ways to show your support, regardless of if you made a gift or not.

    Don’t feel comfortable asking for a gift? This is a great day to educate your students on the importance of philanthropic support to the College. York College is a nonprofit, which means that the College is not making a surplus of money from the students’ tuition. In fact, the cost of full tuition does not cover the expense of educating a student at York College. YCP depends on the philanthropic support of our community to ensure that the College can continue to keep tuition cost down, provide scholarships and access for deserving students, retain stellar faculty and staff, advance technology on campus, offer a variety of student organizations, and bolster the good reputation of the College. YCP would not be the college it is today without the age old tradition of Spartans supporting Spartans!

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