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Day of Giving 101

Throughout the day, you can help make an impact in how many gifts we receive, in ways as easy as taking 30 seconds to post on social media about your YCP experience and why you choose to stay involved and give back!

Quick posts/messages:

  • We love our #YCP family – thank you for your continuous generosity! #YCPGives
  • I just made a gift in support of York College students through the #YCPGives Challenge. You should too! Visit www.ycpalumni.com/givetoycp to make your gift.
  • Every gift, regardless of size, matters! #YCPGives www.ycpalumni.com/givetoycp

We encourage you to reflect on your time at YCP and the impact it’s made on your life – whether that be through the friends you made, a particularly inspiring professor, or the path that has led you to your current career. Our donors love to hear YCP stories and fellow alumni will ride the waves of nostalgia if your post is from the bottom of your heart!

Our themes are opening doors of opportunity and we have five doors or challenges that we will be unlocking throughout the day, with potential for other pop up challenges.  The number 5 is in celebration of our fifth annual day of giving.

Why Give?
  • Since the money doesn’t directly impact you, where does that leave you as an alum?

    Alumni participation is one factor that is used to determine alumni satisfaction with their alma mater. It is used in reporting and statistical analysis for ranking colleges in publications such as US News and World Report, which impacts recruitment of new students and places a direct value on your degree as you pursue careers. It is also used by corporations, foundations and government grant agencies in determining their support to the College – meaning that your $5 could help the College receive additional thousands!

  • My spouse and I are both alums of YCP, can we make one gift?

    YES! Married alumni actually count as two individuals for their shared gift to YCP, which means they are doubling the love and raising our alumni participation by two.

  • Where is my money going?
    • Money given in an unrestricted fashion goes to the area of greatest need at YCP; generally, this means gifts are used to maintain existing programs on campus, as well as hire superb professors, provide updated technology, and grow the opportunities for student involvement. It has the highest impact on the most students!
    • Money given in a restricted fashion can be given to directly support a single program or field of study on campus. These monies can also be given to support student scholarships and athletics through Spartan Advance.
  • Is this donation tax deductible?

    Yes! York College of Pennsylvania is a 501(c)(3) organization as determined by the Internal Revenue Service. Your gift may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. Please consult your tax advisor to determine whether your contribution is deductible.

  • How much of my money is actually donated to the College?
    • 100% of gifts given to YCP are donated to the College. No percentages are given to other sources.
    • For each gift given to a specific sport 25% of the gift goes to support the overall Spartan Advance, for items such as recovery tubs, fields, practice facilities, and recruitment. The other 75% goes to the donor’s choice of sport- the teams use these funds for uniforms, equipment, camps, travel & meals.
    • All gifts given to the Spartan Advance without the designation of a particular sport go 100% to the general Spartan Advance Fund.
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