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Spring on the York College campus

Jason Trout '77

Vice President of Philanthropy and Cheif Development Officer, WellSpan Health

As Vice President of Philanthropy and Chief Development Officer at WellSpan Health, Jason Trout ’77 understands the value of teamwork and community. He coaches and leads a team of fundraisers in order to support local hospitals and partnerships with local foundations. According to Trout, this position is more complex than his previous jobs, but also creates a much larger and greater impact. As he builds a team of development leaders, he hopes to connect donors to local hospitals in order to continue WellSpan Health’s system of providing all-inclusive community health.

This leadership position is not Trout’s first; before working with WellSpan, he served as Vice President of Development at Good Samaritan Hospital. His responsibilities included establishing a professional development office and overseeing regional responsibilities. As a native of York, Trout also gained a lot of experience in supervision and management at local manufacturing facilities. He said these experiences allowed him to practice the craft of leadership.

Between his years in supervising manufacturing facilities and leading hospital development, Trout spent two decades with the American Heart Association. This part of his life served as a “course correction,” according to Trout, as he switched to human resources and, later, operations and fundraising.

Trout’s impressive resume of management and leadership positions reflects his high-quality education at York College. While there are no direct links between his undergraduate education in psychology and his current role at WellSpan, Trout believes that his path to this position “was a piece of those experiences.” He looks fondly back at his YCP education as an essential foundation for his career and believes that his college experience reinforced the value of hard work – a value that certainly shows in his dedication to building a strong team at WellSpan.

While Trout holds a leadership position, he emphasizes that he is just a “piece of the puzzle” at WellSpan. He works with foundations, other leaders, board members, donors, and patients – all people that make up a “system of population health.” Trout’s value of community and teamwork is reflected in his determination to help that system provide excellent and accessible healthcare to local communities.

written by Rachel Harclerode '18

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