Spring on the York College campus

A Glimpse of Our Past

By Karen Rice Young '92
Before He Sent "Greetings from Asbury Park"
Bruce Springsteen

It was November 11, 1972, and the tickets cost $1.50 in advance. The headline band was Crazy Horse. And a 23-year-old guy from NJ named Bruce Springsteen got second billing. Albee Tellone, one of Springsteen's roadies, recalls that the students who had promoted the concert helped him and the others carry and set up the band's equipment, which included keyboard player Danny Federici's iconic Hammond B-3 organ (a six-person job). Tellone said that Bruce Springsteen was paid between $500 and $700 a gig for those pre-album release concerts.

One of the people on stage assisting the sound crew was Tom Gibson, then Chief Engineer of YCP's radio station. Gibson recalls that it was a rousing concert with the second-billed Springsteen energizing the crowd more than Crazy Horse had. Once it was over, Gibson tore down the sound system, wrapped the cords, and picked up one of the discarded posters. Thanks to Gibson, this memento, shown above, is now housed in our archives. Were you there? Your recollections of this concert are needed! If you would like to share your memories or learn more about Albee Tellone's recollections, please contact archives@ycp.edu.

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