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Happy 40th Anniversary WVYC!

By Lucas Dimini '17
The Voice of York College
WVYC, the voice of York College, provides students with hands-on experience on air alongside the professional station manager. Whether you want a career in broadcasting or just want to be part of the experience, we've got a place for you. Download a transcript of this video.

WVYC has been the voice of York College since the 70’s with origins as a campus-wide AM station and then on the FM dial. Today, you can get hands-on experience on air with guidance from a full-time professional Station Manager. Whether you want a career in broadcasting or just want to be part of the experience, we've got a place for you. WVYC is everywhere on campus.

Here is what our students thought about their experience at WVYC: 

"WVYC has been an incredible experience and opportunity for me to build confidence in my speaking voice and myself as a whole. The radio station has brought me close to great people, and has helped me grow in so many ways. I can't wait to continue making memories at WVYC." – Eleni Mitchell '19 (Saddle River, NJ)

"Doing the radio here at WVYC has become the best activity I could do in college. I have my own show that allows me two hours of freedom to express myself through the music I play while also entertaining an audience who listens in every week." – Jasmine Martin '19 (Holbrook, NY)

"I have to say working at WVYC has been such a learning experience. I feel as though I will be able to use what I learn here at WVYC in my future mass communications career. My most fond memory is probably sophomore year when I had my first show. Since being more active at WVYC as the Music Director, I've found that my favorite memories include working closely with my fellow students as well as professors in my field." – Rebecca Tarlo '17 (Downingtown, PA)

"WVYC has been my home since freshmen year. I would try to attend every single event so I could learn more. I lived at the station, quite literally, because I would do homework there sometimes and end up sleeping there instead of going home! It paid off when I was chosen to be the General Manager of the station. My favorite memories are always meeting with Scott Ciaccia, Matt DiFabio, Dante Watson, and Vicky Euga, who are all former staff members, and just sharing some of the struggles and funny stories that happened at the station.” – Emily Rosado '17 (Tobyhanna, PA)

"As a freshman, WVYC has given me plenty of early opportunities to get my voice out to the public while having a blast doing what I love, which is Sports Broadcasting, my career goal. It has allowed me to have a sports talk show every Sunday and call play-by-play at the YCP basketball games, in which I am now a finalist at the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System conference in New York." – Ryan Campbell '19 (Seven Valleys, PA)

Here how thankful YCP alumni are for WVYC: 

"WVYC was the reason that I decided to come to York College of Pennsylvania. It's a truly student-run, free-form radio station, which allowed me to gain hands-on experience learning the day-to-day logistics of operating a radio station and managing a staff of volunteers. That experience has proven to be an invaluable element in my radio career." – Bayley Brown '09 

"Working with WVYC helped me gain confidence in myself as a professional. It allowed me to conduct in-depth interviews while opening the door to the many creative possibilities of the broadcasting world. Professor Schiffman was always pushing me to grow, which has a lot to do with the success I am having today." – Brittany Alvarado '14

"When I toured WVYC as a senior in high school, I knew York College was where I'd be going. I spent most of my nonclass time at WVYC, met my best friends at WVYC, solidified my forever love affair with music at WVYC. What I didn't know was that the College and the radio station would be such a large part of my life 27 years later. As an alumnus and coordinator of the WVYC alumni, I got the pleasure of reuniting past station members with the place they also called home. For the 40th anniversary, we gathered WVYC alums to celebrate the past, while supporting the future of the station." – Lauren (Edelstein) Henry '89

"WVYC has helped me discover my true potential as a producer, broadcaster, and leader. My co-hosts and peers at the station are my best of friends, and I couldn't ask for a better experience!" – Channing Raver '16 (Windsor, PA)

"My time at WVYC (1981-1985) was one I will always treasure. Learning about being a disc jockey, a news reporter, a sportscaster, a program director, and a general manager was extremely important for my career as a sportswriter. But the friendships I developed, and continue to maintain, made spending every day at the station very special." – Ken Schott '85

"WVYC was the best experience of my life. It was my home-away-from-home and I grew so much as an individual." – Scott Ciaccia '14

"WVYC gave me a newfound confidence in myself that helped me land a job with NBC Universal right out of college. I am very thankful for Professor Schiffman, who has become such a positive influence in my life and mentor." – Samantha Buck '15

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