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Spring on the York College campus

Natalie Nutt '97

Political Science

Natalie (Boehringer) Nutt '97 is the Executive Director of the Bridge Educational Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides scholarship opportunities to Pennsylvania's low-income families. She earned her B.A. degree from York College, majoring in Political Science, and earned a Master of Public Administration degree from Penn State in 1999. Natalie began her career as a fundraiser and event planner for the Republican Party of Pennsylvania. She then served as Assistant State Director at The National Federation of Independent Business, the nation's largest small-business lobbyist. 
In this capacity, she advanced the small-business legislative agenda, managed statewide grassroots activities, and developed the organization's political action committee. Natalie and her 
family reside in Hershey, PA. 

Q: Did you have any memorable professors or classes during your York College experience?

A: Dr. VanTassel, Political Philosophy and Dr. Kulbicki, Campaigns and Elections. I enjoyed both classes and both helped me to solidify my perspective.

Q: As a professional, what is the most valuable piece of advice you've received?

A: Whether you are an employee or the top executive, surround yourself with the best possible team. My experience at Bridge is especially rewarding because I have an amazing team of people I get to work with every day.

Q: While leading the Bridge Educational Foundation, what accomplishment are you most proud of?

A: Helping other mothers choose the best educational options for their children. It’s a choice many mothers would not have without a Bridge scholarship.

Q: At work, how do you spend your unscheduled time?

A: Planning ahead, budgeting, fundraising or plotting scholarship announcement events. Advocating to advance and expand Pennsylvania's educational tax credit programs so that more children can have access to scholarships.

Q: What advice would you give to current York College students, particularly women students, who seek leadership positions at nonprofit organizations?

A: Nonprofit budgets are tight and executives serve many roles. Pick a cause you are passionate about, diversify your educational background, and be eager to learn new skills on the job.

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