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Spring on the York College campus

Matt Kopas '03

Sport Management
"From day one, I knew YCP was the perfect choice for me. From day two (literally) I met my wife, and the rest is history!"

A member of one of York College's first graduating classes of Sport Management majors, Matt Kopas was equipped with both the skills and experience needed to succeed in the sports industry. The current Vice President of Ticketing for the Somerset Patriots is forever grateful to his Sport Management professors for encouraging him to take this career path, for acting as both teachers and mentors, and for giving him a glimpse into the "behind-the-scenes" aspects of athletics. Kopas also benefited greatly from a summer internship with the New Jersey Cardinals.

The combination of that successful internship with the quality instruction he received at YCP proved invaluable for Kopas as he recalled, "Getting hired by the Patriots in 2003 was largely due to that internship with the Cardinals, as well as my experience with Scott Guise, Director of Athletic Communications. Internships are extremely important in professional sports, and my internship experience definitely prepared me to start my career." Although YCP provided Kopas with a strong foundation for his future career in the sports industry, he still had to work very hard to reach his current position with the Patriots.

Kopas explained, "I started working here one month after college, in June of 2003, as a Group Sales Account Executive with zero sales experience. Thirteen years later, I'm a Vice President and run the ticket sales department for one of the most successful minor league baseball teams in the country." Kopas lives in Hackettstown, NJ, with his wife, D.J. (Conti) '03, their two-year-old son, Ryan, and baby daughter, Meghan.

written by Jennifer Hindley '17

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