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Spring on the York College campus

Craig McClure '10

Sport Management
"From day one, I knew York College was my second home. I met my wife, Shannon Lambert '10, and all of my best friends there."

Craig McClure (above left with Allen Iverson) grew up loving Philadelphia sports teams, so working for the Philadelphia 76ers as Team Lead, Member Services was a natural transition for him. At York College, McClure majored in Sport Management, minored in Marketing, participated in intramural sports, and attended Sport Management Students Association meetings. McClure also attributes his current position with the 76ers to his experiences at YCP. He spent most of his senior year off campus, gaining work experience and developing contacts. He said, "During that time, I was able to network with the people who ultimately ended up hiring me. Without that I'm not sure I would have ever been hired." McClure has been promoted three times in the past six years, and he now oversees a collection of the organization's service representatives. These representatives, or Member Services Account Managers as they are known, are in charge of renewing season ticket members and creating lasting memories. McClure's job is to coach and motivate these individuals on a daily basis. He also liaises with executives to make sure that everyone gets the most out of his or her experience with the 76ers. Creating memories for the people he works with is one of McClure’s favorite parts of the job. He said, "During the season, I have the opportunity to help our fans get on the court. The look on someone's face when you introduce them to players is priceless – especially when it's a child." McClure plans to stay with the Philadelphia 76ers for the rest of his career. He is proud to have fulfilled the goal he set for himself when he started with the organization six years ago, as he is a now a hiring manager who helps people realize their dreams of working for a professional sports organization. – KB

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