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Spring on the York College campus

Chantel Vereen '17

Professional Writing
"From day one, York College has taught me that it does not matter about how much is on your plate. It matters as to how hungry you are."

Chantel Vereen has made her mark at York College by participating in numerous organizations such as the Campus Activities Board (CAB), The Spartan newspaper, and Enharmonix.

Vereen is the RA for Richland Hall and said, "I believe that students come to college to find a new home. I want to be able to create a safe and welcoming environment for those students. This position has changed me as a person because it taught me organization, collaboration, communication, interpersonal, and mediation skills." In addition to being Student Ambassador and a Senior Senator on campus, Vereen is a Professional Writing tutor, Writing Fellow, and a cashier for the York College Bookstore.

She is most proud of the fact that she has been published in Story Magazine and in the York Review. She writes and edits for The Odyssey Online and also writes for One of the challenges that she faces as a writer is not having as much time to write creatively as she'd wish. She said, "We as writers use a lot of time to write academically but we forget to take time out and write for ourselves." She is gratified to have been accepted into the Writing Fellow and Tutoring program and has just joined the SpartaNation crew.

Vereen has also performed in public, singing, and dancing in various locations, including Hawaii. She revels in her busy life and looks forward to a pursuing a successful career after graduation when she hopes to influence and inspire people through her writing.

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written by Jenny Derochemont '17

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