Spring on the York College campus

The Turning Point

A bright red cardinal sits in a tree, branches just beginning to bud before blooming.

Is spring 2021 our turning point? Dare we plan for a brighter future? 

The brilliant red cardinal framed among budding branches on York College’s campus, soaking up the sun’s warmth before launching into flight, is a symbol of hope. 

Just over a year ago, COVID-19 surged around the world. We scrambled to make adjustments and learn about the disease. We tried to show compassion and acknowledge bravery, while keeping ourselves and others safe. Working together, following strict rules, and making hard decisions helped our community stay strong and enabled students to safely continue their education, albeit not in a typical fashion. After all this incredible effort, is there hope on the horizon? Dr. Gunter-Smith is optimistic:

“With the increasing availability of vaccinations, resulting in an anticipated decline in COVID-19 transmission and infectivity, fall 2021 will mark a return to a more typical semester for York College. As a result, students can expect to again enjoy many of the experiences—inside and out of the classroom—that make a York College education so distinct.” 

It is a time for renewal; we look forward to seeing students return to a more typical semester soon!