Spring on the York College campus

On the Right Path

Nicole Wasserleben sits outside on campus, in front of a flowering shrub.

 “There are a lot of things we take for granted in life,” says Nicole Wasserleben ’21. “Something as simple as recognizing money and knowing how to use it properly is one step closer to an independent life for someone with an intellectual disability.” 

After taking Psychology 101, Wasserleben considered minoring in Psychology. When she later enrolled in Social Psychology to dive deeper into the subject, she realized this was where she wanted to be. “I knew I’d have a lot of opportunities when it came to a career,” Wasserleben says. “This is where I could have an impact.”

This past fall, she decided to take advantage of the Early Entrance Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis program, which will accelerate Wasserleben’s education. With just one extra year of classes, she will receive her master’s degree in 2022. 

After working in her high school’s Life Skills classes, coupled with her York College experience, Wasserleben decided she wanted to work with children on the autism spectrum or with other developmental disabilities. “It just made sense for me to take the extra steps to equip myself with the proper education,” she says. “I know I’m on a good path with this.”