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Spring on the York College campus

Shipley Family Foundation Pledge

“The YCASE program is beneficial for those choosing a path in art because it allows the participant to study and follow their passion with no extra strings attached.”
Erin Shipley Shaffer, President of The Shipley Family Foundation, is shown with her two children.

The Shipley Family Foundation has pledged $250,000 in unrestricted support for York College that includes a 5-year sponsorship of the York Community Art Scholar Exhibition Program (YCASE). 

“As a family, we have been supporting York College for decades,” said Erin Shipley Shaffer, President of the Foundation. “Family members have taught at and attended York Country Day School and York College. We want to continue being involved in the growth and success of the College.” 

YCASE celebrates the art produced by area secondary school students and provides promising young artists from York-area schools with the opportunities for advanced education, a collegial space for honing artistic skills, and the chance to work with local leaders to advance the cultural offerings of York. Sponsorship of YCASE, especially the Art Walk, provides the Shipley Family Foundation the opportunity to be recognized widely, not only as a supporter of York College, but of the arts in the York community, according to Shaffer. 

YCASE begins with the Art Walk, a series of exhibitions in downtown York featuring work from local high schools. Participating high schools exhibit their student artists’ work at art galleries and shops in the downtown York arts districts. Students who participate in the programs are eligible for cash awards, gift certificates to downtown York arts venues, and one $20,000 DelliCarpini Community Art Scholarship to study an art-related field at York College. 

“The YCASE program is beneficial for those choosing a path in art because it allows the participant to study and follow their passion with no extra strings attached,” said DelliCarpini Scholarship recipient Ellen Korver, a sophomore Graphic Design major from York. “Along with this artistic support, from day one you’re able to use your abilities and major to connect with other YCP programs and scholarships, and most importantly, the local community. For me, this was done by having classes alongside the Graham and Eisenhart Scholars. I loved the immediate connection with Marketview Arts, and being able to see the College and community working together to bring people downtown through artwork.” 

“We want to support the hardworking students,” Shaffer said. “Many grads stay in the community, and that is a benefit to the talent pool.” 

She added, “We’re living in unprecedented times, and the programs at the College are educating the next generation of our community in York. This generation will be responsible for coming up with innovative solutions to the challenges that we will face. We want to support education as education ultimately supports the community as a whole.”

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