Spring on the York College campus


"How important is this moment in American history?

"NASCAR banned the Confederate flag, and Mississippi is taking steps to remove the Confederate emblem from its state flag! This is not the time to slow this unprecedented momentum because we are sick and tired. It’s not the time to be sick and tired, period. Take whatever metaphorical DayQuil you need and take advantage of this unparalleled moment in time.” 

Erec Smith, Associate Professor of Rhetoric, York College, in his article, “Why I Still Talk to White People About Racism,” Opinion, www.newsweek.com, July 8, 2020. 

"More than ever, now is not the time to throw skepticism and critical thinking to the wind.

"We must be ever vigilant, checking all the facts before we believe what we read online. While an obvious statement, make sure you get your information only from trusted sources like the CDC, your local public health authorities, state government and other authoritative sources.” 

James Norrie, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, York College, and author of Cybercon: Big Tech and Bigger Lies, in his article, “Here’s how to survive—and thrive—in our #WFH World,” Opinion, Pennsylvania Capital-Star, May 4, 2020.

"A general unwillingness of the nation to commit itself to undoing a legacy of discrimination in the education, employment and the justice system ensured that systemic racism persisted.

"In many ways, the issues on the streets today are the same issues that existed in the ’60s and went unresolved.” 

Peter Levy, Professor of History, York College, and author of The Great Uprising: Race Riots in Urban America During the 1960s, who was quoted in “ ’You have to keep at it’: What Black Lives Matter demonstrators can learn from civil rights protests of the past,” by Marco della Cava, USA TODAY, June 5, 2020.

"My hope is that we can pivot from the question of revving up the economy to a question of ethics in our health care system.

“…How can we provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to those who need it? How can we ensure that there are resources for the very sickest among us? How can we make sure that the least advantaged in our society are not those taking the greatest risks? And perhaps most importantly, what can we do so that we come out of this health crisis with a medical system that is better than the one we had going into the pandemic?” 

Rory Kraft, Professor of Philosophy, York College, in his article, “York College students confront the bioethical issues of the coronavirus pandemic,” York Daily Record/Sunday News, May 4, 2020. 

"Why is limiting our debt important? Roughly a third of our debt is owned by foreign countries.

"More to the point, over $1 trillion in U.S. treasuries is owned by China…Let us hope that our elected officials can rise to finally see the elephant in the room and become the adults in that room with the prescience to take note to finally do something about this or risk the United States becoming a waning power akin to the Roman Empire. The U.S. debt is a pressing national security concern; we must confront it head-on.” 

John Weaver, Associate Professor of Intelligence Analysis, York College, in his article, “The Elephant in the Room: Our national debt amid the COVID-19 pandemic,” Opinion, Pennsylvania Capital-Star, May 24, 2020.