Spring on the York College campus

Hands On: Lowell Briggs, MS

Instructor of Communication
Professor Lowell Briggs poses for a photo outside an academic building

“What you are learning in my classes will enable you to get a paycheck. Feel good about your career. Advance that career. Become someone that your community needs. Someone who will serve and who will benefit from that service personally and professionally,” says Lowell Briggs.

“One of the key things about the classroom that, to me, is very important, is the real-world application of theory to practice,” stresses Briggs. Like many of the College’s faculty, he is still actively working in the field and brings that experience back to the classroom. 

To Briggs, education is all about hands-on practice. He designs his curriculum in a way that enables students to not only learn, but also actively participate in real-world projects in the community. Such projects include work with the York County Industrial Development Authority and York County Economic Alliance for the Yorktowne Hotel where students create video vignettes to promote the various opportunities the hotel will create for downtown York, as well as Cornerstone Youth Homes to raise awareness of homeless children in grades K-12 in York. 

“Students have examples of their critical skill development, so they could show at the end of every single semester in their major, a progressive development of knowledge, skill, and ability,” shares Briggs. 

Through these courses, many of Briggs’ students have been inspired to pursue specific areas such as crisis communications as a career. One student who went on to a very successful career told Briggs, “The light bulb has gone on and I know that this is what I want. This is the type of work that I want to do.”