Spring on the York College campus

Hands On: Jeffrey Schiffman

“I love being able to have that one-on-one with a student who is really motivated.”
Jeffrey Schiffman works alongside two students at the radio station
LEFT TO RIGHT: WVYC Music Director Jacquelyn Spicher ’23 (Du Bois, PA), Jeffrey Schiffman, and WVYC Program Director Alexa Scranton ’22 (Freehold, NJ) in the studio.

Jeffrey Schiffman

Instructor, Audio & Radio Production and Mass Communication 
also serves as WVYC Radio Station Manager

Being a mentor to students is something Jeffrey Schiffman takes very seriously. It’s what he found to be the best part of his job as WVYC Radio Station Manager and Instructor of Radio Production and Mass Communication. “I love to find what students do best and what their niche is going to be,” he says. “I love being able to have that one-on-one with a student who is really motivated.” 

Schiffman encourages students to pursue their interest and develop work and projects around that interest in the real world. With the freedom to choose their topic of choice, students have the opportunity to get handson experience in any area of interest and develop skills not only unique to broadcasting or radio, but in any area of mass communication their path takes them. “The skills that they learn either running the radio station or being on the air—that confidence that they gain—is something they can use in their careers,” says Schiffman. 

Coming from a background in radio and diverse areas of mass communication, Schiffman never really thought of himself as being a teacher. “But, getting a professional to teach radio production class is a smart thing,” he says. He draws on his over 34 years of industry experience to inspire the next generation. 

“I’m really passionate about radio and audio,” says Schiffman. “I’m passionate about learning more and that’s the one thing about the communications field. It’s literally changing on an everyday basis.”