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Spring on the York College campus

Generating Hope

Pianist plays piano on stage during a concert.

In 2018-2019, the York College Center for Community Engagement (CCE) featured York’s Hidden Figures, providing York College and the York community with a better understanding of the role of people of color and other under-represented groups in the past and present of our community.

In 2019-2020, the CCE will turn toward the future, focusing on ways that we might make visible and improve the trajectory of lives in our community by “Generating Hope” and expanding opportunities for success among York’s future generations.

Our year’s activities began on September 21 with a musical celebration led by community leader, musician, and Director of the Shine Foundation, Peter Bottros. The Shine Foundation’s mission is to inspire, uplift, and give hope to York’s youth. At this event, Bottros showcased the talents of our local youth and the CCE presented key initiatives and partners in this work – including the YWCA’s Quantum Opportunities program at William Penn High School, led by Mike Smith, that has been helping disadvantaged students find their way into higher education for many years.

Throughout the year, Generating Hope will 1) focus upon, and support, grassroots efforts by community champions toward a more equitable York for its most vulnerable residents 2) support and fund teams of York College faculty, students, and community members to develop project- and community-based learning research projects that study key local challenges – and models for overcoming them; 3) sponsor regular conversations and events with local and national experts on issues related to social equity, social mobility, and support for younger generations.

Generating Hope will form the basis of the CCE’s 2019-2020 research, programming, and other efforts toward equity and social justice. Faculty grants supported by the Powder Mill Foundation will allow the study of ways to improve our community. Scholars and service programs will focus efforts on “generating hope” in future generations. Speakers and art exhibits will demonstrate ways forward. The CCE’s Arthur J. Glatfelter Institute and Institute for Social Healing will support the collection, analysis, and circulation of useful research, including through project-based learning classes.

“The CCE is proud to be a partner with so many inspired community leaders in York – some known, and some who quietly make this a better community every day” said CCE Dean Dominic DelliCarpini. “We are in this for the long run and believe our efforts can help lift up the many champions that are moving us toward a more equitable community.”

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