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Spring on the York College campus

Alumni Coaches Share Spartan Spirit

By Colleen Karl
A group of coaches sit on the outside bleachers while smiling for the camera.
Left to right: Head Coaches Michael Scappa '98, David Boslough, Jr. '15, Ryan Weber '06, Evan Scheffey '09, and Duane Bastress '06

At York College, student-athletes work hard in their classes as well as in their sports as they develop and grow. This is just one of the reasons why some alumni are drawn back to campus to become Spartan coaches.

Five alumni who are head coaches shared why they chose to return to campus. What stood out for them was the small community feel, the strong focus on the program, the hard work of student-athletes, and seeing those athletes mature and grow. “This group of 10 seniors will be my first full recruiting class that will be graduating,” said Head Men’s Soccer Coach Evan Scheffey ’09. “Seeing each one of them grow and develop over their four years and then graduate this spring will be an awesome accomplishment.”

While athletics is a strong focus on campus, student-athletes are expected to not only stay on top of their game, but also on top of their grades. “You have to be dedicated, determined, disciplined, and it will also teach you how to deal with setbacks and how to bounce back,” said Head Wrestling Coach Duane Bastress ’06. According to Head Baseball Coach Mike Scappa ’98, “Our players have been very successful in their careers regardless of what field they enter.”

Alumni coaches remember what it was like to be a YCP student and they draw on that experience to help motivate their students to do their best. Head Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach Ryan Weber ’06 said, “Coaching the men’s and women’s tennis team has been challenging and rewarding and I’m glad I was able to continue to be involved and contribute after my days of playing here were over.”

As alumni, these coaches have a special connection with students. They share how the program has developed over time as well as unique qualities of being a Spartan. “It definitely allows me to connect with our student-athletes because I was in their shoes not too long ago,” said Head Golf Coach Dave Boslough ’15. “As far as recruiting goes, I do have many experiences that I can share about my time as a student-athlete here at York, which may give potential students a better understanding of the YCP student-athlete experience.”

One thing is definite, alumni head coaches enjoy the community and appreciate their many experiences both as students and now as coaches. As the wrestling motto goes, “Commit to the Spartan.” And they are strongly committed to their Spartan family.

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