Spring on the York College campus

Pushing the Sound Envelop

By by Deena Santoro '18
“We’ve always had that creative side, not just playing the games but trying to find ways to push it forward." — Nick Comito ’19
Nick Comito standing with collleagues
Left to Right: Fellow shoutcasters, Joe “Munchables” Ferry, Matt Andrews, Mitch Bell, and Nick Comito ’19

Nick Comito ’19, a Music Industry/Recording Technology (MIRT) major from Greensburg, Pennsylvania, stepped in as the play-by-play shoutcaster for game developer Ubisoft’s open-world extreme-sports game tie-in tournament. This was one exclusive event of many that partnered with the 2018 XXIII Olympic Winter Games. While the 2018 Olympics took place in South Korea, Ubisoft’s tournament of Steep: Road to the Olympics had Comito and co-shoutcaster and longtime friend, Mitch Bell, on the next flight to the ESL (formerly known as Electronic Sports League) Studio in Katowice, Poland. “We’ve always had that creative side, not just playing the games but trying to find ways to push it forward,” Comito said.

ESL is an eSports organizer and production company creating video game competitions worldwide and is the world’s largest and oldest eSports company still operating today. The company hosts tournaments and partners with organizational events, such as the 2018 Winter Olympics, when it broadcasts the ESL tournaments to Olympic viewers. The Steep tournament finale saw six finalists out of 200,000 contestants competing in the downhill skiing and snowboarding extreme-sports game.

Comito, who is Chief Operating Officer of York Music Group, which includes clubs such as York Live and YCP Records, says that his MIRT knowledge allowed him to produce creative videos and perform easily. While he was in Poland, he was able to assist production because of his experiences at York College.