Spring on the York College campus

A Twist of Fate

Artara Frederick, business administration major

When sophomore and Business Administration major Artara Frederick (Vero Beach, FL) applied to York College, she thought it was a different school. After applying, she realized her mistake, but she decided to go with it. “I never visited the school before I came. I just got on a plane and came to YCP,” she says, laughing at her own audacity. She was prepared to transfer to a school in New York later, but York ended up being her home.

This summer, Frederick worked at her own business, Fascination Cupcakes, near her home in Florida. In the future, she would like to open a restaurant. She considered culinary school, but quickly decided a business program was her best option.

Frederick is president of UNITY, a multicultural student organization commemorating its 40th anniversary this year. To celebrate, she is working to form a Gospel Choir. Singing in church choirs is one of her passions as she comes from a musical family. She says, “This campus gives you the freedom to do that. If you have a club in mind or anything, you can pretty much do it.”