Spring on the York College campus

Success X 2

By George Chaffin '18
"They like a challenge and don't shy away when things go against them. They're leaders on and off the field." - Coach Muston
Caitlin and Alyssa Rankin

Juniors Caitlin and Alyssa Rankin (Joppa, MD), shown left to right above, are forces to be reckoned with, both on the field and in the classroom. The twins compete in the Capital Athletic Conference (CAC) for both the women’s soccer and lacrosse squads. Lacrosse Coach Jen Muston says, “They’re both very aggressive and mentally tough. They like a challenge and don’t shy away when things go against them. They’re leaders, on and off the field and they want to win. Their attitudes and drive are incredible.” 

The pair’s competitive fire and drive inspire their teammates. “They have an extremely dedicated work ethic,” says Women’s Soccer Head Coach Vicki Sterner. “They don’t give up when others would. Their teammates recognized this and elected them team captains for their junior year.” Alyssa says, “We can’t take all the credit,” and Caitlin adds, “We definitely have to give credit to the amazing coaches and teammates we’ve been privileged to play for at York. They’re like family and they challenge us to be better every day.” 

The twins aren’t just athletic standouts; they also excel in the classroom. Alyssa, a Fine Arts major, holds a 3.5 GPA, while Caitlin, a Secondary Ed-Math major, also holds a 3.5. Assistant Professor of Education, Joshua DeSantis, D.Ed., says, “Caitlin is very goal-oriented and competitive. She tries to be the best that she can be, both in the classroom and on the field.” Associate Professor of Art, Pamela Hemzik, Ph.D., says, “Alyssa’s success in the classroom comes from her discipline and her focus. She’s been able to translate that really well to athletics, in addition to her academics.” 

The twins say that “being an athlete defines us. We are very fortunate to be part of two amazing athletic programs that allow us to grow and give us skills that we wouldn’t get anywhere else, in addition to preparing us for life. The lessons we take away from our sports, coaches, and teammates will stay with us for life and will help to make us more well-rounded and open-minded people.”