Spring on the York College campus

Solar-Powered Business

By Rachel Harclerode '18
“I want a zero-emissions lawn service to become the norm in 10 years.”
Brad Lockwood York College

For 11 years, Brad Lockwood ’19 (York, PA) has been earning money through lawn mowing. He has recently discovered a way to transform this common activity into something innovative and environmentally friendly.

Lockwood, a Mechanical Engineering student and intern at American Hydro, is revolutionizing landscaping with a solar-charging station. With the world facing growing challenges regarding energy sources, he realizes the importance of being concerned about his surroundings and understanding how his actions affect those surroundings as well as other people.

This solar-charging station was inspired by his previous creation, a solar charger for his cell phone, as well as entrepreneur Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla. Lockwood created this larger solar station in hopes that it would charge batteries for lawn care products such as lawnmowers and grass trimmers. The station provides enough energy to service four lawns per day. Lockwood Lawns, his own business, currently has 12 customers as well as its own Facebook page and website.

Lockwood wants to set an example for energy sources. “I want a zero-emissions lawn service to become the norm in 10 years,” he says.