Spring on the York College campus

Meet Vinny Cannizzaro

By Rachel Harclerode '18
"Bipartisan research is lacking in general and there should be more people looking for solutions."
Vinny Cannizzaro

The first Arthur J. Glatfelter Institute for Public Policy Fellow

What is your role as fellow for the Glatfelter Institute for Public Policy?
I direct the Institute and research the agenda. I work for community groups and with leaders. Part of it is talking to students and trying to get them involved and integrated with community groups.

How will this program affect the larger York community?
Students are working on some community and academic projects that will have real impacts on the lives of people in the community. Part of it is understanding who lives here. In conjunction with the York City Bureau of Health and the College, we are working toward local legislation that will protect our community’s children from lead exposure and determine the true extent of the issue. You invited Jonathan Kozol, a passionate advocate for equality in education, to share his stories with students last October. He also took students on a bus tour of York City.

What do you hope students gained from these experiences?
I hope that our students will have a better understanding of some of the core inequalities facing our country today and use his lecture as a call to action for social and policy change. The bus tour provided Jonathan and students with an in-depth view of York City. We all know, or think we know, about some of the issues the city faces. Actually seeing the inequalities and learning about the causes, rather than just reading about them or basing our beliefs on assumptions, is instrumental for creating policy shifts.

Where would you like to see this program in two years?
I would like to see the program expand. I hope we can have more fellows and students working on a regular basis. Bipartisan research is lacking in general and there should be more people looking for solutions. Bridging the gap between the city and the school is important and so far we have made a substantial start with laying the groundwork.