Spring on the York College campus

Returning to Campus in Fall 2020Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I have been vaccinated, do I still need to provide a negative COVID-19 test?

    Yes, you will need to present evidence of a negative test. There are multiple reasons for this, including the fact (a) that the vaccination is not 100% effective, and (b) even if you have been vaccinated, you can still spread COVID-19.

  • What types of tests is York College accepting?

    We are accepting PCR or rapid-antigen tests as evidence of their COVID-19 status. We are NOT accepting the antibody test.

  • I am having difficulty finding a testing site, because I do not have any symptoms. What should I do?

    You can always use an in-home test kit available in many pharmacies and other big box stores. There are several online providers that do NOT require a physician's referral, although you might need to indicate that there is community spread in your area. 

  • What if I simply cannot quarantine for ten days due to work/financial/family obligations?

    This is completely understandable. If you are unable to meet this request, we ask that you are extra careful with your interactions with others, are extremely vigilant about the behavioral guidelines (face mask, physical distancing, enhanced hygiene practices), and that you complete the symptom tracker each day to monitor your overall health status.

  • Will staff and faculty also be required to test negative before coming to campus?

    No, not at this time. Many staff and faculty have been on campus working right through the break. Furthermore, staff and faculty do not congregate on campus in the same way that students do. 

  • I am a graduate student and only on campus once a week. Do I still need to provide a test?

    Yes, all students who are going to be physically on campus during Spring 2021 will need to provide the negative test result. 

  • What happens if my test results are delayed until after I am due back on campus?

    If you find that you are still waiting for your results before you are scheduled to move in, or your first day of classes, then you should contact your professors and let them know your situation. You will be allowed to begin the semester remotely until your results are ready.

  • What if I am starting a clinical, internship, co-op or am required to complete an orientation before beginning classes, and I have not yet been approved to come to campus because of delays in getting my test results?

    Please contact your professors and let them know your situation so that they can work with you to reach appropriate accommodations. 

  • What should I do if my test results come back after my scheduled move-in time slot?

    If your results are not available until after your scheduled move in date/time, email Residence Life (residencelife@ycp.edu) once they are available so they can help you identify a new arrival date/time.

  • Will we be informed if someone on campus tests positive for COVID-19?

    The College is tracking COVID-19 testing, results, and cases in isolation via our public COVID-19 Campus Dashboard

    Please note that the intention of this dashboard is to inform our community if/when an active case of COVID-19 is present in our campus environment. We will not release the name or identifying information of any individual who tests positive. Contact tracing will be conducted as appropriate, and any individuals found to have been exposed to COVID-19 will be contacted privately by Health Services.

  • What do I do if I feel sick on the weekend or after hours?

    If you are feeling sick on a weekend or outside the Health Center's open hours, you should go to a local urgent care or make a telemed appointment with your healthcare provider. 

    Please see the Health Services webpage for a list of local options. If you visit a local urgent care or are tested for COVID-19, please contact the Health Center at healthcenter@ycp.edu or 717.849.1615.

  • What happens if a student tests positive for COVID-19? How will this impact their roommates and classmates?

    Students who test positive for COVID-19 are expected to leave campus as soon as possible and stay at their permanent address for 10 days or until they are cleared to return by their healthcare provider. If a student cannot travel home due to extenuating circumstances, the student will be temporarily housed in a designated residence hall on campus and will not be permitted to enter any other campus buildings.

    Students identified as close contacts must separate themselves from others (quarantine) for a minimum of 14 days. Students are expected to leave campus as soon as possible and stay at their permanent address during the quarantine period. If a student cannot travel home due to extenuating circumstances, the student will be temporarily housed in a designated residence hall on campus.   

    Please refer to the Health & Safety page for more information about isolation and quarantine policies.

  • Where can commuter students go to attend virtual class sessions, especially if they are already on campus for an in-person class?

    There may be commuter students who cannot return home between classes and will need a space on campus to take the Zoom rotation in their courses. To accommodate these students, we have designated spaces on campus that can be used by students who have their laptops with them. In addition, the campus WIFI will be enhanced to reach many of the outside areas on our campus. 

    Space has been designated for commuter students at the following locations: 

    • Library
    • Diehl Hall 118
    • Life Science 133  
    • Life Science 309 
    • Humanities 139
    • Wolf 314
    • Willman South Lobby
    • Willman WBC206
    • Willman WBC209

    Please visit the Academics webpage for complete information about commuter spaces on campus. 

  • Is there a way to monitor current capacity in public campus spaces?
    The links below indicate the current visitor capacity status of the Johnson Dining Hall, West Campus Dining Hall, and Schmidt Library.
    When the space has reached its maximum capacity, the page loaded will be RED and display a WAIT message. 
    • For dining visitors, this means you should either wait for available space before entering the Dining Hall, or try an alternative dining location. 
    • For library visitors, this means open seats may not be available — but services including the book stacks remain open for your use. 

    Johnson Dining Hall: https://www.ycp.edu/jdrdiningcap
    West Campus Dining Hall: https://www.ycp.edu/wcccdiningcap
    Schmidt Library: https://www.ycp.edu/librarycap

  • Are campus shuttles running?

    Yes, campus shuttles will be running with a few operational changes in place.

    Shuttles will operate on an express route only, from 7:00 AM - 9:30 p.m., for the 2020-2021 academic year. Three stops will be included in the route:

    1. Spring Garden Apartments on West Campus
    2. Northside Commons
    3. Main Campus by Wolf Hall

    After 9:30 p.m., the shuttle will pick up and drop off at each of the seven stops on campus.

    Shuttle capacity will be limited to 50% (13 people) during the "Green Phase" of the Process to Reopen Pennsylvania. If York County is in the "Yellow Phase," maximum occupancy will be lowered to 25% (7 people).

    Priority seating will be given to students who are wheelchair bound or have ambulatory challenges.  

    Please visit the Student Life section of the Return to Campus website to view the full Campus Shuttle Policy. 

  • If I feel unwell, can I attend class virtually that day (even if I don’t have symptoms of COVID)?

    Students who feel unwell should not attend class in person. Zoom-enabled classrooms have been equipped with remote learning technology specifically for the purpose of providing flexible attendance options. As always, students are expected to communicate with their instructor about any needs for accommodation. Should students have COVID-19 related symptoms, they should contact Health Services (healthservices@ycp.edu or 717-849-1615) for guidance.

  • How can I get face masks at no cost (or low cost)?

    YCP students (both residential and commuters) have been provided with face masks free of charge in their welcome packet upon arrival on-campus. Additional masks will also be available in the Bookstore at affordable prices. 

  • Are face masks required in dorm rooms?

    Students are not required to wear a face mask in their own dorm room. They are, however, required to wear a mask in all other areas of their residence hall, and on campus.

  • Will professors also be required to wear masks during class?

    Both faculty and students must wear face masks on campus, including classrooms; however, there may be times when a faculty member or student may temporarily remove a mask to adequately communicate with the class. In such rare instances, everyone must practice social distancing. Our classrooms have been modified in accordance with social distancing guidelines.

    Anyone who cannot wear a face mask due to a documented disability or medical condition must apply for an accommodation using the Face Mask Accommodations survey.

  • How will classrooms be sanitized?
    Each classroom will be cleaned daily by Campus Operations staff. Restrooms will be cleaned twice daily along with high touch surfaces being cleaned more frequently. Classrooms will also be provided with cleaning supplies. Students and faculty who use technology and other equipment will be asked to wipe it down after each use.
  • How has campus technology been updated to accommodate socially distanced classes?
    A number of updates have been made to campus technology in preparation for the 2020-21 academic year: 
    • Zoom-compatible cameras and microphones have been added to classrooms
    • Wi-Fi coverage has been expanded to include many outdoor parking areas
    • Reliable remote access to lab computers has been enabled
    • People density counters have been installed in dining areas and the library
    • Temperature check stations have been implemented in dining areas, Grumbacher, and the library
    • Faculty have been provided with instructional design assistance to assist with hyflex instruction
    • IT staff have been temporarily reassigned to assist with classroom technology issues in the beginning of the semester
  • Will the College provide students with PPE or materials to sanitize their rooms?

    Each student will be provided with a face mask and a bottle of hand sanitizer, free of charge.

    The College’s custodial team will work to clean residential common spaces, including common bathrooms, on a scheduled basis consistent with CDC and other public health guidelines. 

    As usual, students are responsible for cleaning their own bedrooms, apartments, and other non-common spaces. For more information about residential cleaning procedures, please visit the Living and Dining page.

  • What happens if a faculty or staff member tests positive for COVID-19?

    College employees who test positive for COVID-19, or believe they have been infected, will be instructed to follow the advice of a qualified medical professional and self-isolate until they have obtained a physician’s approval to return to campus.

  • What is the difference between the College’s “quarantine” and “isolation” policies?

    York College’s Isolation Policy will be implemented in the event that a student tests positive for COVID-19. Isolation is designed to reduce the chance of spreading illness by keeping people who test positive away from others. 

    The Quarantine Policy applies to students who have been in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, even if they are asymptomatic. A close contact is someone who has been within six feet of a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 for more than 15 minutes. The YCP Health Center will notify students who are close contacts of someone who tested positive for COVID-19. Quarantining close contacts is important because people who have COVID-19 can spread it before they know they have it. 

    For full descriptions of the College’s Isolation and Quarantine Policies, visit the Health and Safety page. 

  • What resources are available to help students navigate the strain on mental health caused by this pandemic?

    The YCP Counseling Center is prepared to help students manage their mental health in this very stressful time. Appointments will be offered every day of the week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. by means of remote services (i.e., teletherapy), as well as in-person sessions. 

    Outreach programs and events to address stress management and COVID-19 — how to deal with one’s well-being in the midst of the “new normal,” and ways to take care of relationships (family, friends, romantic) while dealing with social distancing — will be provided. 

    For more information, please visit the Mental Health Resources tab on our Health & Safety page.

  • In the event that the College is required to transition to fully remote instruction mid-semester, would refunds be issued for tuition and fees?
    While York College is currently operating with the intention of continuing in-person instruction through the semester, we recognize that our situation is fluid and subject to the impact of the pandemic. Should the College need to send students home and conduct classes remotely in the middle of the semester, fees for parking, housing, and meal plan costs would be adjusted for financial aid and pro-rated (similar to the adjustment process used in Spring 2020). Tuition pricing would remain the same during remote instruction. 
  • Will food be brought to students in quarantine or isolation housing on campus?

    Of course! Our Dining Services staff are able to feed anyone during quarantining or isolation. If a quarantined/isolated student has a meal plan, their meals will simply be charged to their meal plan account. If the student does NOT have a meal plan, they will need to contact Dining Services to request meals during their quarantine period. These meals can be charged directly to their account through the business office.

  • What types of cash-free payments can I use at campus dining facilities?

    All campus dining locations will accept credit, debit, Dining Points, and Flex using self-service external card readers.

  • How can students with food allergies or special dietary restrictions know which foods are safe? Will changes to campus dining affect these accommodations?

    Students should contact Campus Dining (dining@ycp.edu) about any special dietary needs. Our dining staff will be happy to help!

  • Will commuter students be able to eat lunch or other meals on campus?

    Yes, commuter students are welcome to use campus dining facilities and seating areas to eat meals while on campus. 

  • If I leave the dining hall with my take-out food and want to come back for seconds, will I have to use a second meal swipe to re-enter the facility?

    The dining hall remains an “all you care to eat” facility, and students are welcome to take as much food as they desire during their visit. While there is no limit to the amount of food you can take with you, you will not be able to re-enter the dining hall after leaving with your to-go containers. If you need to go back through the entrypoint, a new meal swipe will be required — so be sure to take all the food you may want during your first trip! 

  • Will additional seating areas be available on campus for students who need to study or take a break between classes?

    Additional seating has been made available at the Student Union Building, WPAC, Alumni Hall, and outdoor picnic tables. 

  • Are students allowed to go home on weekends without violating Student Conduct Policy?

    While it is highly encouraged that students remain on campus for the duration of the semester, we understand that this may not be possible for every student. We ask that you limit travel whenever possible, and if you must travel, take precautions to avoid exposure to COVID-19 — including wearing a face mask, keeping a distance of six feet or more from others, frequently washing or sanitizing your hands, and screening yourself regularly for symptoms of the virus. 

    Gov. Wolf’s administration is requiring that travelers entering Pennsylvania from other countries and states, as well as Pennsylvanians who are returning home from other countries or states, have a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours prior to entering the Commonwealth or quarantine for 10 days upon entry into Pennsylvania. If a traveler chooses to get tested upon entering the Commonwealth, or is waiting for test results, the traveler must quarantine for 10 days, or until receipt of a negative test result, whichever comes first. 

    For more information about monitoring travel, please visit the Health and Safety page.

  • Other than going to class, will there be opportunities to socialize with other students?

    Yes! We’ll be practicing physical distancing — but socially, we’ll still be very much together as a campus community. Keep an eye on your YCP email, York College social media, and the campus events calendar throughout the semester. We’ll be hosting plenty of events that will allow you to safely have fun with your fellow Spartans. Some events will be virtual; others will take place outdoors or in larger campus spaces that allow for proper distancing between people. And all of them will be a great time!

  • Will the fitness center, the rock wall, and other Grumbacher facilities be available for students this semester?

    Grumbacher facilities, including the fitness center and rock wall, will be open and available.  However, due to social distancing requirements capacity will be limited. 

    Please visit the Student Life page for information about changes to these facilities, as well as new requirements for using shared campus spaces. 

  • Do I really have to wear a mask while I'm working out?

    Yes, for everyone’s safety. Though you may be a bit uncomfortable, according to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), it is not dangerous to exercise while wearing a mask, but it can be more demanding. It is recommended that you adjust the level of intensity of your workout until you are accustomed to wearing a mask.

    Grumbacher staff will enforce the wearing of face masks with a one-and-done policy. This means if you are not wearing a face mask properly (e.g., chin-strapping, not covering your nose properly), a staff member will ask you to leave the facility for the day. If you are out of compliance a second time, you will lose GSFC privileges for the remainder of the semester.

  • Why do I have to have my temperature checked before entering Grumbacher?

    To help protect the College community, an automated temperature reader is positioned at the entrance to the secure user area of the GSFC. Everyone wishing to enter must have his or her temperature read. Anyone reading a temperature of 100.4° or higher will be asked to wait ten minutes for a second reading. If the second reading is not below 100.4°, the user will be denied access and provided instructions for assistance and compliance with York College health and safety policy.

  • How do I make a reservation for the fitness center?

    You can make your reservations up to 48 hours in advance on IMLeagues.com or on the YCP Rec App (Available for free for Apple or Android devices). Reservations are located in the “Fitness Programs and Reservations” tab/button.

    We are allowing one time slot (workout session) per person, per day in order to maximize the number of people who can use the facility. To best utilize your time in the fitness center, we recommend warming up and cooling down elsewhere in the facility (multipurpose rooms or field house).

    If you cannot make your workout, you must cancel your reservation on IMLeagues.com or the YCP Rec App. Users who fail to show for reserved workout sessions are subject to penalty.

  • When I'm in the fitness center, can my buddy spot me for my lifts?

    Unfortunately, social distancing does not allow for spotting. However, we have great equipment that includes safety bars that lifters can use for bench pressing as well as squatting.

  • What sort of “activities” can we do in the field house?

    Especially during these challenging times, safety rises above all other considerations--we simply cannot do some the things we enjoy the most. Users are expected to properly socially distance themselves at all times, which makes “guarding” an opponent or “battling for the ball” virtually impossible. In the case of basketball, for example, a game of H-O-R-S-E is cool, but One-onOne is a major no-no. You get it. Try one of our racquet sports like pickle ball or badminton. And, be on the lookout--we’re offering a bunch of safe, fun, competitive intramural opportunities!

  • What do I do if I'm in the GSFC and see someone violating our policy?

    Please, inform one of our GSFC attendants. This is no time to turn a blind eye--everyone’s safety and the opportunity for each of us to be here on campus is at stake.