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Spring on the York College campus
The campus fountain serves as the focal point of main campus.

Scheduling for Success Spring 2020 Updates

As in fall, the spring semester has been shortened to reduce the likelihood of disruption due to a resurgence of COVID-19. Following a new January Intersession (Jan. 4 - 29), Spring 2021 classes will begin on February 1.
  • February 1, 2021 — Day Classes Begin
  • April 2 - Good Friday (No Classes)
  • May 7 - Reading Day (No Classes)
  • May 8 - 13 - Final Exams
  • May 15 - Spring Commencement

  • In-Class Social Distancing & Commuter Areas

    In-Class Social Distancing & Commuter Areas

    Whenever students are in a classroom or other learning environment on campus, they are required to maintain a distance of six feet between themselves and any other individual. Each classroom on campus has been evaluated to determine its new maximum class size. The usual occupancy cap for classes has been reduced and decals have been placed on seats to indicate which should remain empty to allow for proper distancing. Students must wear masks at all times when they are in a classroom.

    For the 2020-21 academic year, all students should expect to have some face-to-face instruction on campus. However, for some courses, that face-to-face instruction will be rotational. That means that the class will be split into two cohorts that will rotate with respect to days of face-to-face and virtual instruction. Students should expect that all instruction will be synchronous. Whether face-to-face or virtual, instruction will occur in real-time, and if virtual, using Zoom. We will work to accommodate individual student schedules as much as possible.

    Commuter Students’ Study Spaces on Campus

    There may be commuter students who cannot return home between classes and will need a space on campus to take the Zoom rotation in their courses.  To accommodate these students, we have designated spaces on campus that can be used by students who have their laptops with them. In addition, the campus WIFI will be enhanced to reach many of the outside areas on our campus.  Please check the Information Technology website for further information.


    This year, the Library’s lower and upper level seating will be reserved from 8:00 A. M. until 5:00 P. M. for commuters participating in Zoom classes.

    • Students can check real-time seating availability at this new webpage. 
    • The main level seating, printing, book stacks and helpdesk will still be available to all students.
    • While the Library has a limited number of public computers, students are encouraged to use their own laptops with earbuds or headsets.
    • We are asking that students keep the noise level to a minimum while they are attending their courses virtually.

    Other Commuter Areas

    In addition to the Library, there are several other areas at the College that will be reserved for commuter students: 

    • Diehl Hall 118
    • Life Science 133  
    • Life Science 309 
    • Humanities 139
    • Wolf 314
    • Willman South Lobby
    • Willman WBC206
    • Willman WBC209

    If there are no spots available in the Library or in the above spaces, please ask for additional options at your Dean’s office. 

  • Classroom Cleanliness & Hygiene

    Classroom Cleanliness & Hygiene

    Each classroom is being cleaned daily by Campus Operations staff. Restrooms are cleaned twice daily, along with high-touch surfaces being cleaned more frequently. Classrooms will be provided with cleaning supplies; students and faculty who use technology and other equipment will be asked to wipe it down after each use.
  • Course Delivery & Participation

    Course Delivery & Participation

    Most classrooms have been turned into “Zoom classrooms,” equipped with an additional camera and microphone linked with the podium. The instructor is able to interact simultaneously with both students sitting in the room and those who are attending class virtually. 

    Faculty have been provided with a variety of learning opportunities to help them effectively deliver online and hybrid instruction. Two instructional designers have also been engaged to assist faculty members in redesigning their courses for online delivery as needed.

    Students taking courses that require labs, clinical experiences, internships, and similar hands-on learning should speak with their academic advisor for additional information. Accommodations for these experiences are being handled on a case-by-case basis, as requirements from accreditation/governing boards and community partners vary widely by subject area. 

    In all cases, student needs are being considered and steps will be taken to ensure that all academic requirements are met — including but not limited to potential home delivery of lab kits/portable equipment, use of online simulations, recorded demonstrations, hybrid instruction, and/or special capstone projects.

    January 2021 Intersession

    More information about the inter-session will be provided later in the semester. All intersession courses, excluding those that require clinicals or field work, etc., will be virtual.

    York College is offering its first January term (called “Intersession”), which will run from Jan. 4 to Jan. 29, 2021.

    The Intersession term consists of a limited offering of classes delivered entirely online. Synchronous courses are scheduled to meet at a regular time during the week via Zoom. Asynchronous courses are module-based and do not have scheduled class meeting times.

    In order to register for the intersession term, students must be registered for the Spring 2021 semester and have at least 12 credits on their schedule. Once a student is a full-time student for the Spring 2021 semester, he/she can submit the Intersession 2021 Registration Form to the Registrar’s Office ( for processing.

    Students are limited to taking a maximum of one course during the Intersession term. Students must be enrolled in at least 12 credits, not including the Intersession term, in order to count as full-time for financial aid purposes.

    For billing purposes, the Intersession term will be part of Spring 2021 term. This means that students enrolling in more than 18 credits in both the Intersession and spring terms combined will be billed for any additional credits.

    Some Intersession term courses are offered in collaboration with a partner college, and students taking these courses will be assessed an additional fee. They will be identified on the schedule of classes as CIC-OL. Otherwise, Intersession term courses will be counted as part of your Spring 2021 load for billing purposes.

    If you have any questions about registration, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 717-815-1273. For questions about financial aid, please call 717-815-1282.

  • Attendance Requirements

    Attendance Requirements

    Students who feel unwell, or who have been recently exposed to COVID-19, should not attend class in person. Please refer to the Health and Safety section for additional information. Zoom-enabled classrooms have been equipped with remote learning technology specifically for the purpose of providing flexible attendance options, should a student or faculty member require accommodation. 

    Faculty members will provide flexibility for those students who need to self-quarantine or to self-isolate, up to and including receiving an Incomplete grade for the course. The deadline for finishing an incomplete course will be extended to 90 days beyond the end of the semester, as opposed to the usual deadline of 60 days. Grades of W (Withdraw) will not be counted against a student’s GPA.

    Additionally, students who wish to attend classes online-only for the duration of the semester may request permission to do so, with appropriate medical documentation.

  • Library Resources

    Library Resources

    Find more information and resources on our LTS Welcome pageTeach & Learn Remotely page, or search within

    Zoom Video Chat Us

    “Visit” our virtual help desk via Zoom for assistance with your YCP account, connecting your laptops and devices, and much more. Of course, we’re also available by phone, email or to schedule an in-person appointment. Learn more about contacting us.

    Library Computers, Hours, Capacity & Visiting rules

    In the Schmidt Library, we’ve relocated many computers to other areas of the building. This offers commuters space, on the upper and lower floors, to connect to classes virtually when needed.

    The library hours have changed slightly to allow for additional cleaning. See our hours.

    Librarians are available to chat 24/7. Get assistance from the comfort of your own space, no matter the time of day or night, at

    To avoid overcrowding, we’re monitoring our capacity. Before visiting, click here to see if we have available seats.

    We have a temperature check, before entering the library. Learn more about our library admittance process.

    Library Checkouts, Returns & Purchases

    Short-term library loan items are not available. Library materials are available to students, faculty, and staff. You may use the library as normal to browse and checkout items, or place a hold to have items collected for you to pick up. If you are unable to visit the library, please contact to discuss delivery options.

    The drop box, outside our front entrance, is open to return library materials at any time.

    Poster printing and laminating services are available; however, we are not accepting cash and all transactions are only processed by Flex or Department Billing. Scantrons now have a 24-hour wait time for processing.

    Remote rooms & software

    Many classrooms across campus are now outfitted for remote classes. Learn more about our remote rooms.

    When not on campus or using your personal laptop or device, connect to campus software using our remote software applications. Your professor will have additional information for you for your specific class. Learn more about remotely accessing software.

FAQs — Academics

  • If I feel unwell, can I attend class virtually that day (even if I don’t have symptoms of COVID)?

    Students who feel unwell should not attend class in person. Zoom-enabled classrooms have been equipped with remote learning technology specifically for the purpose of providing flexible attendance options. As always, students are expected to communicate with their instructor about any needs for accommodation. Should students have COVID-19 related symptoms, they should contact Health Services ( or 717-849-1615) for guidance.

  • Where can commuter students go to attend virtual class sessions, especially if they are already on campus for an in-person class?

    There may be commuter students who cannot return home between classes and will need a space on campus to take the Zoom rotation in their courses. To accommodate these students, we have designated spaces on campus that can be used by students who have their laptops with them. In addition, The campus WIFI will be enhanced to reach many of the outside areas on our campus. 

    Space has been designated for commuter students at the following locations: 

    • Library
    • Diehl Hall 118
    • Life Science 133  
    • Life Science 309 
    • Humanities 139
    • Wolf 314
    • Willman South Lobby
    • Willman WBC206
    • Willman WBC209

    Please visit the Academics webpage for complete information about commuter spaces on campus. 

  • When is the deadline for submitting the virtual learning request form?

    Students who were fully remote fall semester should complete the individualized extension request form emailed to them from Student Accessibility Services (SAS). Students who are requesting a fully remote learning medical accommodation for the first time should submit the  Spring 2021 Fully Remote Request Form along with their medical documentation. Although the deadline has passed, requests will continue to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Contact SAS at with any questions.    

  • Will professors also be required to wear masks during class?

    Both faculty and students must wear face coverings on campus, including classrooms; however, there may be times when a faculty member or student may temporarily remove a face covering to adequately communicate with the class. In such rare instances, everyone must practice social distancing. Our classrooms have been modified in accordance with social distancing guidelines.

    Anyone who cannot wear a face covering due to a documented disability or medical condition must apply for an accommodation using the Face Covering Accommodations survey.

  • How will classrooms be sanitized?
    Each classroom will be cleaned daily by Campus Operations staff. Restrooms will be cleaned twice daily along with high touch surfaces being cleaned more frequently. Classrooms will also be provided with cleaning supplies. Students and faculty who use technology and other equipment will be asked to wipe it down after each use.
  • Will additional seating areas be available on campus for students who need to study or take a break between classes?

    Additional seating has been made available at the Student Union Building, WPAC, Alumni Hall, and outdoor picnic tables. 

  • Will grading processes change like they did in spring 2020?

    Grading processes have returned to normal for the Fall 2020 semester. 

  • How will the performing arts work this semester?

    As in all classes, performing arts students will need to maintain social distancing and wear face coverings. Classes will be rotated, and some activities will be virtual. 

  • How has campus technology been updated to accommodate socially distanced classes?
    A number of updates have been made to campus technology in preparation for the Fall 2020 semester: 
    • Zoom-compatible cameras and microphones have been added to classrooms
    • Wi-Fi coverage has been expanded to include many outdoor parking areas
    • Reliable remote access to lab computers has been enabled
    • People density counters have been installed in dining areas and the library
    • Temperature check stations have been implemented in dining areas, Grumbacher, and the library
    • Faculty have been provided with instructional design assistance to assist with hyflex instruction
    • IT staff have been temporarily reassigned to assist with classroom technology issues in the beginning of the semester
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