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How Accurate Are Crime Shows?
The "CSI effect" has long been a topic of discussion. According to the US Department of Justice, jurors are more or less likely to convict based on their expectations for scientific evidence, much of which has been influenced by crime television. If this is the case, where does fiction end and reality begin?
5 Reasons to Attend York College
Trying to decide which schools are worth your time and energy to research is hard. Trying to narrow down your top choices is even harder. Whether you’re just starting your college search or you’re trying to make your final decision about where to attend school, here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose York College.
Is Organic Food Really Better for You?
Organic foods have long been a topic of debate, as many have argued they are healthier than non-organic, or “conventional” foods. However, the differences between these two options are more complicated than they may seem. So...Is organic food really better for you?