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Spring on the York College campus

Dr. Robert Iosue

1976 - 1991

In 1976 at age 43, Dr. Robert V. Iosue, new president of York College of Pennsylvania, told the York Scene and Alumni Gazette that he chose to accept the position because the institution was “committed to its students and to the community,” adding that “these qualities are tremendously important and ought not to diminish as colleges grow.” Indeed, his legacy proved to be one of prudent growth and strong ties to the York community and established a comfortable and approachable demeanor with everyone on the campus.

When asked what he was most proud of having achieved during his 15-year presidency, Dr. Iosue said that he’d always wanted to put a chapel on campus which would serve all students, all religions, and the community. He accomplished this in 1988 and takes additional pride in his design of the Brougher Chapel Bell Tower.

Iosue is the author of three books, including Fun and Games on Campus and Starting College: A Briefer for the College Bound.

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