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Spring on the York College campus

Dr. Ray Miller

1959 - 1976

Ray Miller assumed the presidency of York Junior College in 1959 after the sudden passing of Marvin Buechel, who had begun the process of acquiring a new campus in 1957. Dr. Miller promptly began finalizing plans for the move from city to suburb and the growth of Y.J.C. By 1959, the final payment to the Out Door Country Club of $50,000 was made.

From ‘60 to ’62, Miller organized the move in stages, utilizing the facilities of both campuses. York Hall, the classroom building and library, was the only new structure on the old country club property when the move was completed. Dr. Miller immediately strove to increase the number of full-time and tenured faculty and to raise funds for new buildings on campus.

In September of 1968, York Junior College became York College of Pennsylvania and with this change to a four-year institution, Dr. Miller adapted the existing curriculum to include all branches of liberal arts.

As president of York College, Dr. Miller experienced not only the granting of the first baccalaureate degrees, but the cultural and social changes of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

When he retired in 1975, his legacy was one of phenomenal growth and academic excellence; the campus had grown from 1 building to 10 and he established an academic ranking system.

In 1976, the Administration Building was dedicated to Dr. Miller, the Y.C.P. leader who took YJC from a small community school to a four-year college, at a new location and a new direction.

When the Heritage Society was established in 1992, Dr. Miller returned to campus from his retirement home in Florida as the guest of honor.

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