Spring on the York College campus

Dr. George Waldner

1991 - 2013

Dr. Waldner, Vice President for Academic Affairs and a Professor of Political Science at Wilkes University, succeeded Dr. Iosue as president of Y.C.P. on July 1, 1991. Prior to his presidency at Y.C.P., Waldner earned his A.B. in Government from Cornell and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Politics from Princeton.

In a 1991 message to the student body, Dr. Waldner stated that “York College of Pennsylvania is a community of learners and learning, whose members share the common bond of active participation in academic and campus life.”

In the 21 years that Dr. Waldner was President of York College, the enrollment doubled, new majors were added, and more than $250 million in facilities enhanced the campus, including the new Willman Business Center and West Campus.

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