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Hidden Figures: Reflections on our Communities of Color and Underserved Populations

Together, we can tell the untold stories and make history.

“York’s Hidden Figures” is a year-long celebration of the contributions of communities of color and other underserved populations. It will surface many histories yet to be told and many voices yet to tell them.

Together, we can construct a more inclusive version of York’s history. Along with its generous community partners, York College and its Center for Community Engagement invites you to see, hear, and contribute to this celebration of “York’s Hidden Figures."

The creek running through the York College campus in the fall
Anne Frank at school
Let Me Be Myself: The Life Story of Anne Frank
March 18 - 24
Center for Community Engagement
This exhibit, developed by the Anne Frank House and sponsored in North America by the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect, takes audience members on a journey through Anne's life and into the present, telling stories of young people today.
(Re)Making York's History
(Re)Making York's History
Dates: TBD
Various locations in York
This series of workshops invites York’s citizens to construct new stories about the past. This “artifacts roadshow” will be held at various locations throughout York, helping citizens take pride in their past and make their stories public.
The Human Library
Human Library
Mar. 30, 2019
Center for Community Engagement
Part of a “worldwide movement for social change,” The Human Library™ is designed to build a positive framework for conversations that can challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue.
The Golden Venture
Golden Venture
April 25, 2019
7 p.m.
Weinstock Lecture Hall
This special community event, a collaboration with the York County Bar Association, will commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Golden Venture.
The William Goodridge Center
Looking for Mr. Goodridge
Ongoing Effort
Goodridge Freedom Center
This collaborative effort with the Goodridge Freedom Center, Crispus Attucks, the York History Center, and York College’s Center for Community Engagement is an ongoing effort to continue archival research on one of York’s most intriguing hidden figures—William C. Goodridge.
The Appell Center for the Performing Arts
On Screen/In Person Film Series
Dates: TBD
Appell Center for the Performing Arts
A collaboration between the Appell Center for the Performing Arts and York College’s Center for Community Engagement (supported by a gift by Ms. Erda Erdos), this series will bring 6 independent films—and their filmmakers—to York.
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