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Red baseball hat embroidered with the word
Stolen Goods
Jan. 6–Feb. 23, 2022
This exhibition explores “the big lie” behind the Stop the Steal movement, looking deeper into questions of who the country belongs to, who gets to protest, and what has been stolen from whom throughout American history.
Artists-in-Residence: Taring Padi
Taring Padi: Solidaritas tanpa Batas/Solidarity without Boundaries
Nov. 3–Dec. 15, 2021
The work of Taring Padi, an art collective in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, demonstrates the democracy of printmaking and collaboration, denouncing corruption, environmental exploitation, inequality and neo-imperialism while advocating for the poor and dispossessed.
Entang Wiharso: A Thousand Kilometers
Entang Wiharso:
A Thousand Kilometers
Sep. 3–Oct. 16, 2021
Entang Wiharso has a multidisciplinary practice and is widely regarded for his unique depictions of contemporary life that employ a dramatic visual language, creating artworks that exist in relation to the mythologies of a centuries-old animist past and the high-speed, hyper-connected lifestyle of the 21st century.
Colton Boyles: Emotionally Unstable
Colton Boyles: Emotionally Unstable
Jul. 16–Aug. 21, 2021
This exhibition represents the culminating experience of the Appell Arts Fellowship, an 11-month artist residency awarded to a recent graduate of York College's art program.
Andi Simpson: Load Bearing
Andi Simpson:
Load Bearing
Jun. 11–Jul. 10, 2021
Andi Simpson is an abstract painter/muralist based in York whose work often blends an ethereal sense of warmth and light with the chaos found in nature.
Contiguous 2 exhibition by Ophelia Chambliss
Ophelia Chambliss: Contiguous 2
Apr. 2–Jun. 26, 2021
The Social Networking, community engaging, boundary breaking, human centric project developed and produced by Ophelia M. Chambliss.
Leah Limpert Walt: Shadow, Mystic, Mushroom 2021
Leah Limpert Walt:
The Shadow, The Mystic, The Mushroom
May 7–Jun. 5, 2021
This exhibition is a surrealist introspection into the constant work of understanding and reconciling the baggage of the past.
Jeannine Dabb: Underneath It All Exhibition 2021
Jeannine Dabb: Underneath It All
Jan. 8–Feb. 20, 2021
This exhibition showcases recent YCP graduate Jeannine Dabb’s senior body of work. Informed by her career as an aesthetician, this series of paintings uses thick layers of paint, gold, and glitter to explore the complexity of her subjects and the urge to embellish and conceal.
Jessi Hardesty: Beyond the Veil
Jessi Hardesty:
Beyond the Veil
Oct. 30–Nov. 28, 2020
This exhibition features Baltimore-based artist Jessi Hardesty, an anxious mark maker who channels her need to liaise with the forgotten, the secret, and the macabre through the ritual labor of woodcut.
When the Bough Breaks
When the Bough Breaks
Oct. 24–Nov. 28, 2020
This exhibition, curated by Susanne Slavick, pairs work by contemporary artists with texts exploring how the reality or representation of trees can offer solace and space.
Through Our Lens: I Cant Breathe
Through Our Lens:
I Can't Breathe
By Washington Winnona Images
Sep. 4–Oct. 17, 2020
This exhibition captures the voices of those often unheard or misunderstood and the solidarity present at the recent Black Lives Matter event held at Continental Square in York, PA.
Amber Wiesberg: Appell Arts Fellow Exhibition 2020
Amber Wiesberg: Appell Fellowship Exhibition
Sep. 4–Oct. 17, 2020
This exhibition is a product of the culminating experience of the 2019-2020 Appell Arts Fellow, Amber Wiesberg '19.
Header Image for Scapes Exhibition
The Scapes:
Places and Spaces
Virtual Exhibition
Spring 2020
The Scapes: Places and Spaces is a celebration of the environments we live in.
Title image for 2020 All in a Day's Work: From Home Exhibition
All in a Day's Work
Virtual Exhibition
April 17, 2020
All in a Day’s Work is an annual one-day art-making event hosted by Marketview Arts.