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Ophelia Chambliss: Contiguous 2

April 2–May 1, 2021 | Gallery Hall
May 4–June 26, 2021 | Welcome Center
Marketview Arts

Contiguous 2 is the Social Networking, community engaging, boundary breaking, human centric project developed and produced by Ophelia M. Chambliss.


Artist Statement:

Contiguous 2 is the second installment of Contiguous, a social networking art and community building art exhibition that I developed and hosted in 2017. The event was made possible by a grant from the York County Community Foundation, and York Traditions Bank, in support of a proposal that I’d written with the objective of building community around art.

By definition, the word "contiguous" means "next to, neighboring, or sharing a common border." Titling the exhibit Contiguous was appropriate for two reasons. The first reason is that it was designed with the purpose of creating an opportunity for diversity and dialogue through art for folks throughout York County. It was designed to show how we share more in common and are all connected. The second reason is that the style of drawing for the work was a continuous line, where I do not lift the pencil from the paper until the drawing is done. The line continues throughout, and in theory, could continue on to the next person, and so on.

The plan was to get York Countians together with intent and have them participate in activities that would position them to meet someone who did not look like them, love like them, or worship like them.

This second installment of Contiguous features people who are new to York and will serve as an introduction to people and areas of York they have yet to discover.

Contiguous 2 exhibition by Ophelia Chambliss
Ophelia Chambliss headshot for Contiguous 2
Ophelia Chambliss, Artist

About the Artist

Ophelia M. Chambliss is a fine artist and lecturer originally from Chicago, IL, whose work has been exhibited in a number of solo shows, group shows, and several distinguished juried shows. Most of her recent work has been in the realm of public art and murals. She calls her signature painting style realistic cubism, and paints a variety of subject matters. Drawing on her background in communications (BA in Communication Arts and Sciences and MA in Communications from Penn State University), she tells the story behind her work and builds an appreciation for cultural understanding. She is passionate about working with youth, especially those in marginalized communities, and advocating for equity, the arts, community activism, and professional development.
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