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The Glass Ceiling

August 26, 2021–May 31, 2022
Center for Community Engagement, First Floor

The glass ceiling is a metaphor for the invisible barrier that prevents many women and minorities from achieving goals and positions. The glass represents being able to see before you, opportunities that you are often not able to attain despite your suitability and your best efforts.

The Glass Ceiling exhibition is a series of paintings, stories, testimonials, and spoken and written word pieces by women that addresses the issues of realizing, reaching, and breaking the glass ceiling to success in their careers and personal lives. The project is a communication and collaboration of women, sharing with other women, with the goal of making a way for young ladies and girls behind them.

Exhibition curated by Ophelia Chambliss.

Women Featured in Portraits:

Victoria Kageni-Woodard
Joyce Santiago
Rev. Carla Christopher Wilson
Jean Treuthart
Kristal Turner-Childs
Kerryn Fulton
Ali Smolinski
Dr. Katina Moten
C. Kim Bracey
Toni Calderone
Kate Hynes
Rosa Luz Catterall

Contributing Artists:

Ophelia Chambliss
Jeannine Dabb
Ellen Engdahl Ehlenbeck
Bonnie Gloris
Lexus Gore
Cheryl Handy
Kristin Kest
Rita Whitney King
Mary Moores
Carol Oldenburg
Jasmine Perfect
Ivy Rodgers
Krissy Whiski

Spoken Word Contributors:

Aretha Brown
Ophelia Chambliss
Rosa Luz Catterall
Jeannine Dabb
Ellen Engdahl Ellenbeck
Kristin Kest
Myneca Ojo
Joanne Wilmore
Shelby Seaton Wormley (Videographer)

Written Word Contributors:

Annabell Bonilla
Aretha Brown
Angela Garrison
Tzipporah Goins
Lily Groover
Dr. Gwendolyn A. Rankin


This exhibition is presented as part of the Center for Community Engagement’s 2021-22 program series, Understanding Gender, which examines gender through a series of lenses.

The Glass Ceiling Exhibition: Young Glass Breakers by Ophelia Chambliss
Ophelia Chambliss, Oliver Bliss Design; Young Glass Breakers, 2021. Acrylic on canvas. Detail image.
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