Center for Community Engagement building in downtown York


A photographic representation of Black togetherness

November 2019–July 16, 2021
Center for Community Engagement, 1st Floor

Assemblage is a series of photographic group and individual portraits that challenges negative stereotypes of black and brown people of color. The internalization of negative portrayals by others is harmful, and these photographs are meant to counter that and instead empower Black men and women by representing their strength, resilience and unity. These images reveal their subjects as they see themselves, not as they've been portrayed by those who know little to nothing at all about them. The series demonstrates unity, while also highlighting variety—of style and posture, of age, of skin tone, etc. The images communicate that each person is an individual, but as individuals they are standing together. The images are both assertive and welcoming; while telling the viewer that this is our neighborhood, we are the authors of our own story, but you are welcome to join us, learn about us, and enjoy our neighborhood. 

Photo of a woman, Assemblage exhibition
Shelby Wormley '13, Power, 2019. Selection from Assemblage.

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  • Exhibition Summary

    Exhibition Summary

    People weren't always able to congregate and meet in a group without the thought of “they're going to start something”, “this is black panthers”,  “what's going to happen?”, “it's going to be a riot”, "it’s terror, it’s too many black people in one space, they're not in church, they're not at a funeral, they're not at a wedding."

    No, we’re here, to just be great in ourselves and stand tall and be powerful and show that we’re more than what we are perceived to be.

    We’ve seen what negative propaganda has done to communities, to people, to races, to cultures, to environments.

    How can we flip that, to do the same thing but do it with truth.

    Push truth.

    —Richard Craighead, Founder of Inclusive Arts Movement York

  • About the Artist:
    Shelby Wormley

    About the Artist: Shelby Wormley

    Shelby Elaine is a Visual Storyteller who uses photography as her medium of choice. She uses her camera to capture the human connection and experience. Her work focuses on the documentation of history and preservation of people and their stories. Shelby is the Co-Founder of WE&Company and is the photojournalist for the Assemblage Series.

  • About the Artist:
    Richard Craighead

    About the Artist: Richard Craighead

    Richard Craighead is a Visual Artist whose innovative conceptual ideas and direction focus on the advancement of people through a variety of creative visual art forms. He is the the Founder of Inclusive Arts Movement York, and the Creative Director for the Assemblage Series.

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