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Student Alumni Ambassadors

Student Alumni Ambassadors (SAA) are student leaders whose mission is to bridge the gap between alumni and current students through regional engagement, professional development, fostering leadership, building a culture of philanthropy, educating peers, and instilling pride and tradition for York College. This happens through networking and engagement opportunities including Dinner with Spartans, regional networking receptions, and site visits to alumni places of work. SAA also works to educate their fellow students about the importance of being active and involved alumni who give back to their alma mater whether through their time, their talent, and/or their treasure. 

Members will have exclusive opportunities to these benefits:

  • Network with potential employers for internships or jobs
  • Access to high-level alumni and administration
  • Travel to different regions across the country for events
  • Learn key networking and professional skills 
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Create new traditions that foster pride for York College

SAA does not have leadership positions but instead views each Ambassador as a leader who has a voice in making decisions. 

SAA also houses the YCP Road Crew program. Road Crew is a hand-selected group of outstanding student representatives of York College who travel during winter break to various regions up and down the East Coast visiting alumni companies and exclusively networking with alumni in their chosen field of study. 

Applications to become an Ambassador are open for the 2019 Fall Semester. For full consideration, please apply by Friday, September 20, 2019, by NOON at the link below. 

Student Alumni Ambassadors

More AboutStudent Alumni Ambassadors

  • About SAA

    Foundational Pillars

    Five Foundational Pillars

    1. Regional Engagement: Attend events with alumni including dinners, receptions, and networking programs, and visit alumni at their places of work. The selected YCP Road Crew will travel to engage regional alumni in the same way.

    2. Leadership and Professional Development: Engage in leadership development activities such as an annual retreat, monthly meetings, and select training opportunities such as resume building workshops. SAA members will be paired with an alumni mentor and have unique opportunities to interact with the Board of Trustees and attend select donor events.

    3. Philanthropy: Create awareness across campus on the importance of philanthropic giving, help to develop gratitude for the impact of gifts made, and cultivate a culture of giving. SAA members will also help the Advancement Office to properly thank students, alumni, and friends who make a gift or donate their time or talent to York College.

    4. Pride and Tradition: Instill a sense of pride and tradition among alumni and current students by assisting with legacy events, reunions, and Fall Fest and Homecoming weekend. SAA will have the opportunity to establish new traditions as well.

    5. Peer Education: Spread awareness of the importance of philanthropic giving and alumni engagement through peer-to-peer education, participating as a social media ambassador, and assisting with campus pop-up philanthropy programs.
  • Responsibilities and Duties

    Membership Expectations

    • Attend monthly group meetings
    • Attend a minimum of 5 alumni events per semester
    • Follow through on commitments
    • Communicate in a timely manner
    • Utilize Google Calendar to track events and other commitments
    • Have an appropriate social media presence
    • No serious conduct issues
    • Represent yourself and York College in a professional manner
    • Make a gift of a minimum of $5 on the YCP Day of Giving
  • #SpartaNation YCP Road Crew

    #SpartaNation YCP Road Crew

    The YCP Road Crew is a group of hand-selected students representing an array of campus involvements and professional interests that travel during winter break every January to regional areas where dinners, receptions, and networking events will be hosted, as well as visits to alumni at their places of work. 

    The YCP Road Crew will have additional commitments beyond those of general SAA members. 

    Please note: starting in Spring 2020, you will need to have been an SAA member for at least one academic year to be eligible to apply for YCP Road Crew for 2020-2021.

  • How to Join

    How to Join

    Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a semesterly basis for Student Alumni Ambassadors. To join for the Fall 2019 semester, please apply before Friday, September 20, 2019, at NOON via the link above.

    Beginning Spring 2020, you must have been an SAA member for at least one academic year to be eligible to apply for YCP Road Crew. 

Hayley Althoff '19
Hayley Althoff '19
Red Lion, PA
Ariyon Dunn '21
Ariyon Dunn '21
Baltimore, MD
David Eckhart Jr. '21
David Eckhart II '21
Mechanical Engineering
Allentown, PA
Sarah Galantini '20
Sarah Galantini '20
Allentown, PA
Arianna Keller '21
Arianna Keller '21
Mass Communications
Baltimore, MD
Jasmin Layne '21
Jasmin Layne '21
Baltimore, MD
Zachary Snier '19, YCP Roadcrew member
Zachary Snier '19
New Park, PA
Sydney Tamburello '20
Sydney Tamburello '20
Criminal Justice
Long Island, NY
Katarina Krutz '20
Katarina Krutz '20
Laurel, MD
Ethan Miller '20
Ethan Miller '20
Reading, PA
Jasmine Miranda Profile
Jasmine Miranda '19
Secondary Education, Mathematics
Blackwood, NJ
Drew Rhodes Profile
Andrew Rhodes '20
Finance, Economics
Dover, PA
Ben Sheibley Profile
Ben Sheibley '21
Integrated Marketing Communication
Bridgewater, MA
Contact Us
Alumni Relations
Kristin Schab '04, Director of Alumni Relations
Grantley Hall, Room 125
Phone: 717.815.1285

Darby Frey '18, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations for Regional Engagement
Grantley Hall, Room 117

Brigette Allen, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
Grantley Hall, Room 118

Andrea Jackson, Office Manager
Grantley Hall, Room 123

Semester Hours
Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Summer Hours (May-August)
Monday - Thursday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 
Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

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