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Spring on the York College campus

Jeremy Brenn '02

Vice President, Sensing Capital Advisors, Inc.
“From Day One, I knew that I would settle in quickly on campus and enjoy my time at YCP.”

Choosing a major in graphic design because of his love of art, Jeremy found himself happy at York due to its great value and having friends who were also starting their college experience at York. His York degree, as well as his MBA in finance from Hood College prepared him for where he is today, the owner and Vice President of Sensenig Capital Advisors, Inc. He also feels that his degree truly helped him gain connections. In his words he believes, “Everyone knows someone that went to YCP.”

If owning his own financial firm is not enough, Jeremy also serves on several non-profit boards of directors. In the future, he plans to continue building a healthy company that will outlast his time in the industry.

Enjoyed most during his time at YCP: Making lifelong friends.

Involvements at YCP: Phi Kappa Psi and Student Senate. 

Advice to Current Students: “Be open. Meet new people and make use of the many connections that faculty and staff have to offer. They will pay dividends as you transition from college to professional life.”

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