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Spring on the York College campus

Samantha Reyes '15

Media Planning Coordinator for Nickelodeon, Viacom

Even before college, Samantha knew she wanted to pursue a communications degree. Upon arriving at York College, she immediately fell in love with Wolf Hall and all of the communications faculty and staff. Within her first year, she decided she wanted not only a Mass Communications degree but a Public Relations degree as well- and she did just that. 
Through the advice of her advisor (Professor Briggs), Samantha began interning early on, building strong media experience in the public relations field, communications field and also broadcasting. This experience is what led to the landing of a programming internship at MTV sparking her love for television and beginning her career in media.
Almost immediately after graduation, Samantha received a call from Nickelodeon. They had received her resume from MTV (their sister company) and offered her a position. For the past two years, Samantha has worked her way up to becoming a Media Planning Coordinator, where she works first hand with programmers and producers to schedule all the elements broadcasted across the Nickelodeon networks nationwide.
Samantha credits her success to the faculty and staff of the Communications Department in Wolf Hall and the Theta Phi Alpha sorority. She believes without the constant support of her communications professors and sorority sisters, she wouldn't have the tools and confidence it took to pursue her dreams.
Enjoyed most during time at YCP: Being a sister of Theta Phi Alpha and all the people she met through Greek life
Involvement at YCP: Theta Phi Alpha sorority, WVYC, Grumbacher Lifeguard
Advice to Current Students: 1. Do as many internships as you can. Interning is an experience like no other. You receive resume-boosting experience while also learning what you like and dislike along the way. 2. Don't let anything or anyone (no matter who they are) stop you from doing what you love. Pursue every dream you have. With enough effort and hard work anything is possible!
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