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Take Only Photographs, Leave Only Footprints
One of the many things that drew me to York College was the campus. Running right beside campus rests the Heritage Rail Trail — something still open even during this pandemic. We’re all feeling the isolating effects of the quarantine, so here are my recommendations to get outside for some fresh air.
What Does “Being Healthy” Mean in this Unprecedented Moment?
Whether we want to admit it or not, we’re living day-to-day in a moment of time that will forever go down in the history books. Anxiety, fear, and uncertainty are high. Now more than ever we need to be aiding our bodies in the best way possible to fight off germs. AKA: We need to be the healthiest version of ourselves possible.
How to "Quaran-train" Your Puppy
Amid all of the COVID chaos and as more folks “WFH,” perhaps a small silver lining to this complicated time is more puppies! Well, it’s been one year since we got our “loaf of integrity,” Porkchop (or ‘Pork’ for short)—and what a year it has been.
From Bossy to Boss Lady: The Story of a Professional Storyteller
whatever it took to make it happen. I love rules and organization and being in charge. When I was six, I petitioned my small town council to install a sidewalk through a field I took to get to the store. I didn’t get a sidewalk but they mowed me a path for 10 years. Little did I know it would lead to a career where someone paid me to be the bossy one. I call it leadership skills.