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Sophie Barnes '22

Literary and Textual Studies
Dover, PA
“From day one, I knew I made the right choice with YCP, and I haven't doubted it since."

York College offered Sophie everything she could ask for in a school from the scholarships to the numerous opportunities that have allowed her to grow. Sophie is a Presidential Research Fellow/Scholar, the Secretary of Student Senate, an Orientation Leader, a member of Best Buddies, a peer buddy, and a First-Year Seminar Fellow. Sophie said, “I went to a smaller high school and York keeps the smaller feeling, but it still allows large school opportunities.”

Favorite place on campus: Hanging by the creek at the Creek Crossing.

Number one travel must-have: A good book.

Most excited for during SpartaNation: "I am looking forward to making deeper connections with the Spartan community as well as the students that are going. I can't wait to see how YCP has prepared—and continues to prepare—the alumni for each of their next steps."

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