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Spring on the York College campus

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York County Economic Alliance

Students stand in front of black suv as a group for a photo.

Name of Company: York County Economic Alliance

Location: York, PA

Alumni Names, Graduation Years and Positions:

Kevin Schreiber '02, President & CEO

Nancy Barry '96, Vice President, Operations & CFO

David Gonzalez '14, Manager, Advocacy

Kyle Joines '13, Director, Membership & Events

Catherine Roque '18, Marketing Coordinator

Michaela Cumor '18, Events Coordinator

On January 4th, 2019, the #RoadCrew visited the York County Economic Alliance in downtown York. We were able to meet with some of the YCP alumni that help drive the mission and goals of the YCEA-- including YCEA CEO, Kevin Schreiber; CFO, Nancy Barry; Event Coordinator, Michaela Cumor; Advocacy Manager, David Gonzalez; Director of Management and Events, Kyle Joines; and Marketing Coordinator, Catherine Roque.

Kevin Schreiber’s presentation of the YCEA and its accomplishments were truly eye-opening, as I previously was unaware of the amount of advocacy and change that was going on in the community from its over 1,000 non-profits. Kevin shared with us some critical information that really stuck out to me as a finance and economics major-- including the positive results that have come about from the real economic stimulus that the YCEA has had a hand in facilitating. What is even more interesting is how necessary these types of positive economic initiatives are for the York community and those that live within its boundaries.

The conversation that stuck out the most during the presentation and Q&A panel was the group’s discussion of the Yorktowne Hotel project, which is a revitalization effort of the previously-closed hotel that is expected to provide close to $70 million in economic stimulus to the nearby community within the first year of operation. This is money that is going directly into the small businesses and pockets of local community members, as well as providing for an overall healthier York economy. The Q&A panel allowed the YCEA team to share with us some of the great things that are coming to York in the near future, and as students, we much appreciated learning about these initiatives and how on-campus organizations can help work in conjunction with the YCEA to achieve a better York County. As Kevin Schreiber said, “We truly have our hand on the pulse of the York Community.

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