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Spring on the York College campus

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Several alumni at WebFX
Kelsey Abel '19, Kacey Royer '15, Cheyenne Altland '19, and Megan Phillips '14 serving as panelists

My name is Victoria Wantz '21, and this is my first year as a Road Crew member. As a junior studying marketing and advertising, I really took interest in the experience I had at WebFX. The YCP Road Crew made a stop on Friday, January 17 to visit several of our alumni at WebFX in Harrisburg. 

The crew and I were led by Patty Price, the Talent Acquisition Coordinator, on a tour of the office space. We also had the chance to meet some of our alumni, Kelsey Abel '19, Kacey Royer '15, Cheyenne Altland '19, and Megan Phillips '14. We observed a company culture that cares immensely about their employees. From having two “Happy Managers” and yes, I did say happy managers who do exactly what the title entails, making sure all workers are content and managing their work-life balance to the many other positions at WebFX, it certainly was a great visit. 

Overlooking the Susquehanna River, the campus of WebFX is accompanied by a beautiful view. The location and beautiful campus were only some of the super cool amenities on the campus. Some of the other amenities include:

  • Full-Service coffee bar on Mondays
  • Fitness Center/Yoga studio 
  • Pet-Friendly Desks
  • Impressive snack wall
  • Library

The crew and I were grateful for our stop at WebFX as we learned vital information that is essential to our careers. We learned about what to add to resumes to make ourselves stand out amongst other applicants and also some certifications that are crucial for working in the digital marketing world such as Google Analytics. It certainly doesn't get much better than meeting four alumni at one company!

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