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Spring on the York College campus

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Pasquale Nocera with Road Crew
Pasquale Nocera '10 pictured with the YCP Road Crew at Unqork

Hey there! My name is Sophie Barnes and I am a sophomore at York College. I am majoring in English Literary and Textual Studies with minors in French and Marketing. This is my first year on the SpartaNation Road Crew and the first week was absolutely amazing. 

One of our visits in New York City was with Pasquale Nocera '10. Pasquale currently works for Unqork as the Director of Strategy and Planning. Unqork is a relatively young company, but it has grown exponentially in those few years. Unqork is different in that it provides no-code application platforms to large enterprises to help build and support their own software. With the elimination of code, the software can function faster, cheaper, and with higher quality. 

Pasquale took us on a tour of the building, showing us the very open concept layout of the desks, with separate rooms for each department and specialization, as well as a full kitchen, multiple games, and two-story theater. We even got the chance to meet with the executive team, where we were introduced to the CEO and Founder, Gary Hoberman. With a range of backgrounds and experiences, as well as the constantly growing team, Unqork was a very lively environment. 

Pasquale has only been with Unqork since October, having previously been with JP Morgan Chase, but through his time, he spoke of the very personal connections that he has made with those around him, even those at the top. He mentioned that Hoberman regularly asks about his wife and kids. However, switching from a business like JP Morgan to a near start-up, was a big risk. Pasquale mentioned this, but he noted that the passion and fervor of Hoberman made him confident in his decision. When he initially began, he said that they did not have a specific role for him. However, he cited his flexibility and optimism in the company as one of the best tools in his career. He took a risk with Unqork, but it is one that seems to have been a great outcome, one with a very promising future. 

It was such a fun experience to visit with Pasquale. His passion and his excitement for the company’s growth was truly inspiring. It was also very interesting to learn that the other people working in the office come from all different backgrounds. For everyone from mass communications backgrounds—like Pasquale—to rocket scientists, the opportunities at Unqork are endless. Pasquale’s passion for talking about York College and his involvement did not falter either. Being named one of The Year of 50 Spartans award recipients, Pasquale’s legacy as a Spartan has continued from YCP to Unqork.

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