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Spring on the York College campus

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Road Crew at Push 10

Hey! It's Hunter Hudak back with another blog post. I had the opportunity to go to another great site visit at Push10 with Kimber Dulin '13. Kimber has been a part of Push10 for a while now, working as a project manager overseeing graphic designers and their work in website design. She graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and describes her experience at York College as unforgettable, saying she had the "full York College experience" from being involved in theater and much more.

Visiting Push10 was quite the thrill as I got to learn how much effort and thought is put into the websites they make. Did you know it could take up to six months to make a website, and that all of the colors, graphics, and word choices they use can really make a significant impact on people’s experience visiting the website? In addition, we had the pleasure of meeting their furry little friend Kody—the office's golden retriever—and is considered the office mascot. Let’s just say he fulfills his position! As a project manager, Kimber oversees a group of individuals to ensure that deadlines are met, quality control, and coming up with new ideas to make the company better. Some advice that Kimber shared with all of us was to be passionate about what you do because, in the long run, you have to ask yourself, "are you happy?" This really stuck with me because as a sophomore business administration major, I am still trying to figure out what field to go into, but these site visits for me have opened a window to what I want to do. 

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