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Spring on the York College campus

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NYPD Training Academy

NYPD Training Academy
YCP Road Crew pictured with Officer Andrew Berglind '09 at the NYPD Training Academy

My name is Lauren Prange and I am a senior Political Science and Criminal Justice major. This is my first year on Road Crew and I am very excited for all of the opportunities that I and the rest of Road Crew will have throughout SpartaNation. On our first day in New York City, we had the privilege to visit the NYPD training Academy and visit alumnus Andrew Berglind '09. He is an officer for the NYPD and teaches academics at the training academy. We had the opportunity to tour the academy and even participate in some practice scenarios that police officers face every day.

In the practice scenario, we had a few students act as officers responding to a burglary. They were given only a few details over their radio and had to do their best to diffuse the situation appropriately. This was quite interesting because it really showed how difficult it can be to act when faced with these situations. While this was low stress and, at times, funny for us, we were able to see the hard work and precaution it takes to actually face these situations in real life. I found this part of the trip to be very intriguing because I have never really thought about how complicated police work can be. 

One thing that Officer Berglind really stressed throughout our visit to the training academy is that our words are our strongest “weapon.”  He was very clear that in order to be a police officer or any professional for that matter, you need to know how to communicate and listen. By actively listening he is able to avoid jumping to conclusions and can work to safely end whatever situation he finds himself in. This was a common theme throughout the visit. This really resonated with me because of the career I wish to go into. As a future lawyer, I will need to know how to effectively communicate to not only a judge but a jury as well. I think that Officer Berglind really found the value in treating others with respect and saw that as being the best way to perform his duties as an officer. This was a really informative visit and I think I speak for the rest of the Road Crew when I say that we all really enjoyed it!


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