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Spring on the York College campus

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Marie Mambu Makaya Foundation

YCP Road Crew with Makaya Revell
Makaya Revell '15 pictured with YCP Road Crew at Marie Mambu Makaya Foundation

"In all the evilness, there is still compassion." — Makaya Revell '15

My name is Ben Sheibley, and I am going to tell you about the opportunity we had to sit and eat Jimmy John’s with Makaya Revell, ‘15, the current president and founder of the Marie Mambu Makaya Foundation. Originally born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, he fled to the United States seeking asylum. He, as well as 15% of all children in the Congo, was orphaned at the age of 18. Makaya was adopted by two loving parents and was able to attend York College for his undergraduate degree, and attended American University for graduate school, all while fighting to become a citizen of the United States. Since founding his nonprofit organization in 2012, they have worked to create an orphanage in the Congo specifically for children orphaned as a result of war, as there is still conflict within the country. This orphanage provides supplies, food, shelter, and education for these children, helping them to succeed in life.

Makaya is an extremely humble man, and that was clearly seen in our visit with him. While describing his war-torn home, he was able to highlight the moments of compassion that he has seen in these horrible conditions. His passion and drive for his work have been able to create an amazing opportunity for these children that would have had an incredibly hard time even surviving. He understands how lucky he was to escape unharmed and find a family that supported him, so all Makaya wanted to do was to give back to his home. This philosophy was very inspiring to many of the Road Crew members, and some have already begun to make changes in their life to follow in his footsteps.

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