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Spring on the York College campus

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Philadelphia Flyers & 76ers

Multiple alumni with Road Crew

"Go the extra step, go above and beyond!" — Brett Pietrzak '17

My name is Sarah Galantini '20, I am a senior nursing major from Allentown, PA. The YCP Road Crew and I had the opportunity to visit Zach Lehrbaum '12, Brett Pietrzak '17, and Tyler Wolford '06 at the Wells Fargo Center where they each work for the Philadelphia Flyers and 76ers teams. We got to tour the Wells Fargo Center during our visit. We saw different seating options and areas of the arena, as well as historical components of the stadium that are important to the fans. Then, we had a Q&A with the alumni to talk about their current positions, their time at York College, and their professional journies. All three alumni conveyed important lessons that relate to our professional careers after graduation. The one that resonated with me the most was to always put the work in and go the extra mile. This is something all of the YCP Road Crew can take and use, no matter what our major. We also discussed that work-life balance is important to have. Taking the time to look ahead and stay organized will help us in our individual, and professional life. I really enjoyed this site visit!

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