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Spring on the York College campus

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Dexterity Depot

Tim Dexter and YCP Road Crew at Dexterity Depot
Tim Dexter '19 pictured with YCP Road Crew at Dexterity Depot

My name is John Kershner, and I am a senior Mechanical Engineering major from Reading, PA. As a first-time Road Crew member, I was really excited to start our trip with a visit to a recent alumnus doing such exciting things near York. Tim Dexter '19, originally from Philadelphia, recently opened the Dexterity Depot in Mechanicsburg, PA, the first facility dedicated solely to parkour, free running, and ninja warrior training in Central Pennsylvania.

Ninja and parkour changed his life, and for the past eight years, his passion has been to teach the art of these movements to help others. Tim first earned entrepreneurial experience when he started summer camp programs teaching children parkour and built a customer base and a name for himself in the area. His dream was to not just teach classes, but to open his own gym in which to teach them. Tim worked all through his college years on creating this gym, even opening and running it during his final semester at YCP in spring 2019. The skills he learned at York College through his classes, the Graham Innovation Scholars Program, and the J.D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship prepared him to make this dream come true. After being open for less than a year, the gym has had great successes and serves as a place for athletic training, summer camps, corporate events, birthday parties, and more.

What most intrigued me about Tim and the Dexterity Depot is how he has turned his passion into a business and made his dreams come true. If not already convinced after talking with Tim that ninja and parkour are his passions, watching him complete every obstacle in the gym with skill and grace is evidence. After doing the salmon ladder in his gym, he told us, “It really is true that if you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life.” This quote really resonates with me, as I believe this to be the central struggle of every college student. Trying to find what you love is easy for some and hard for others, but the even harder part is making a career out of it. Tim, however, has done this. His story of hard work and dedication is a testament to the great quality of education we receive at York College, and how well we are prepared after graduation.

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