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Spring on the York College campus

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Samantha Buck with Road Crew
Samantha Buck '15 pictured with the YCP Road Crew at CNBC

My name is Arianna Keller '21 and I am studying Mass Communications as a junior at York College. On Thursday, January 9th, the YCP Road Crew went to CNBC. For those that don’t know what CNBC is, it’s a news channel owned by NBC Universal Broadcast. While there, we went on a tour of the building with alumna Samantha Buck '15. 

When the YCP Road Crew was last there two years ago, Samantha explained that the building was a lot smaller then and that the building is still going through some construction. When we started the tour, we went into master control. Going into master control was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. As a mass communications major, I was in complete awe. It was an amazing opportunity to see how big and cool looking at the CNBC master control studio was. While in the studio, one of the people who work there explained what goes on in the room and what most of the stations in the room are. After that, we went to the media department. The person who ran that department spoke to us about what he expects from people and what his job is. While he was speaking, we saw the people editing video from shows that I’ve seen before. Then we went to the “Tag and Bag” and we learned what it was and how they do it. After that, we saw the sound editing booth. One of the last places we visited was the department that Samantha works at. She is a Post Project Manager. Then we went into the mad money set, which was an amazing experience. 

After touring the building we had lunch with Samantha. Here is where we started asking questions about her life and how she got to the point that she is now. From this conversation I learned a lot about what I will most likely have to do to be successful in my chosen profession. Samantha even spoke about her first position while working at CNBC. That’s actually what stood out to me the most. She said that she had to work the night shift because TV is 24/7. Although it wasn’t her favorite job, she did it because she didn’t want to say no and seem like she wasn’t available for anything. This made me think that I’ll most likely have to do the same thing. The conversation that we had with Samantha taught me that I have to be open to anything if I want to be successful in my career.

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