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Spring on the York College campus

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Brightwaters, Long Island

Mayor of Brightwater, John Valdini
YCP Road Crew pictured with Mayor John Valdini '81/P'12

My name is Hunter Hudak ‘22 and I am currently a Sophomore here at York College of Pennsylvania. I am studying Business Administration while participating in many student activities and traveling along with the YCP Road Crew for the first time. As we travel, we have the opportunity to meet alumni who are passionate about the work that they do as they show us some of their day-to-day responsibilities. We had the opportunity to meet John Valdini '81/P'12, Mayor of Brightwaters, Long Island. Mayor Valdini graduated from York College with a Bachelor of Science in Recreation and Leisure and has gone on to build a successful life with his two kids (one of which went to York College) and working at his contracting business, on top of volunteering his time as mayor. Something Mayor Valdini said that stuck with me was, “You have to be an open-minded individual, be honest with them because it can cause problems further down the road.” This really resonated with me because it showed that people might not agree with you but you must stick to what you believe in and move on. 

Our visit to Brightwaters, Long Island was quite an experience as Mayor Valdini gave us a personal tour showing us the area and the changes he has helped to implement to help the cultural success of the park. I learned a lot from Mayor Valdini as he contributes a lot of his personal time to this position. Some of his responsibilities include the maintenance of the park and his community, going to board meetings, and much more. Some advice that Mayor Valdini gave me was not being afraid to step up in life and take charge. I took this to heart as I look for those opportunities. Meeting Mayor Valdini was a great experience because I got to learn about York College during the time he was a student and the changes that have occurred since, and he taught me a better way of looking at life and to work hard for what you want. 

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