Katie Hertz '08

Being a student-athlete can be challenging, but the time management skills Katie Hertz '08 learned from York College prepared her for four years of optometry school.

Katie, an optometrist at Hemler Family Eye Care in Hanover, Pa., balanced schoolwork and being a varsity volleyball player during her time at York.

"It wasn't easy, but it helped refine my time management and communication skills," said Katie. "And the diversity of my courses in the biology major helped me to be well-prepared for the Optometry Admission Test."

The hands-on experience that has helped Katie the most was her senior thesis. The project helped her understand what is involved in research, from a good thesis to presenting and discussing the results.

"Knowing how to read and analyze a scientific journal article and identify the different levels of research is an extremely important skill," she said. "As an optometrist, this skill allows me to provide quality care for my patients through evidence-based medicine."

Katie Hertz '08

Biology Major


Hemler Family Eye Care