Ivy Schneider '04

Ivy Schneider ’04 uses her practical knowledge from York College to help vulnerable children.

As the development and communications director at Adams County Children’s Advocacy Center (ACCAC), a child focused abuse center, she manages donor development, creates fundraisers, writes grant proposals and measures outcomes. 

“Over the years, I helped to raise significant funds to support organizations,” she said. “This last year alone I helped to get more than $100,000 in grant money and donations for ACCAC. That means more quality services for children and families.”

Ivy had always planned to serve others, which is why she majored in criminal justice.

“The reason I chose York was because the program offered an array of classes beyond law enforcement such as Victimology and Law & Society,” she said.  “I learned about the criminal justice system and all the other factors that contribute to it.”

Her internship and volunteer experiences while a student at York helped her determine that she wanted to serve children; and she would do that by researching and collecting data behind the scenes.

By Ivy’s senior year, she was working full time for a children’s program at ACCESS-York, a service provider for victims of domestic violence and their families. She continued on to achieve her master’s degree and is currently working on her dissertation to earn her Ph.D.

“Graduate school was hard, but I couldn’t imagine the obstacles I would have faced if I wasn’t so well prepared,” she added.


Ivy Schneider ’04

Criminal Justice Major

Development and Communications Director

Adams County Children’s Advocacy Center